Sunday, January 20, 2019

Adult Reward System #5 - Indoor Gardening During The Winter With Plants That Purify The Air

Indoor Gardening during the winter - Adult Reward System #6

Did you ever consider that gardening was a free form of happy therapy?  It is!
Studies have been conducted by countries around the world at medical centers proving that patients that are exposed to nature several times a week heal faster and are happier than those who are not.

If you want to prove it to yourself buy a few house plants and take care of them.  Before you know it you'll give them names and even will start talking to them daily.  Why do plants make us happy?  

Well, because they are a living thing and they give us so much in return for a little water and sunlight.  This makes us happy to see the results of our tender loving care of another living thing.  Even if it's just a plant.  

Here are a few of my house plants.  I bring them indoors off my back patio during the cold spells we get on occasion here in Central Florida. 


 Christmas Cactus



Yellow Orchid



Now if you want to purify the indoor air and improve the quality of your health then you can add these five to your indoor garden.

First up is the Spider Plant.  It's easy to care for and only needs a little water once a week or so.  Set it in front of a frosted window or indirect sunlight and it will be a happy camper.

The other four on the list I don't have indoors yet.  They are Boston fern, peace lily, philodendron and english ivy.  You'll find there are more but these will get you started.  I looked up two articles that I think you will like that explains more about it at Farmer's Almanac and Earth Easy.  Enjoy!

I invite you to join my #2019OrganizingChallenge to get more great tips and free worksheets along with my fun Adult Reward System ideas list.  
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Sending You Sunshine

P.S.  How many plants does it take to purify the indoor air of your home?  You'll find the answer in the Farmer's Almanac article.  Come back here and tell me your answer.  Then I'll tell you mine.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Get an inside look at February’s Paper Pumpkin kit

I'd love to have you join my card making circle of friends and receive one of these fun kits in the mail for February.  Why not sign-up today and get something delivered to your door that will inspire you to do random acts of kindness to the people you love the most.

To get started head on over to my website here at Stampin Up! >>>Marsha Jaramillo <<<<

Click on the Paper Pumpkin link and fill out the form.

When you get to the demonstrator section add my name: Marsha Jaramillo (Deltona, FL)

Pick the subscription you want and pay.

It's that easy!

I hope you will give this fun kit a try.  Once, you do I know you'll love it as much as I do.



Sale-A-Bration | Precious Parcel Card Kit by Stampin' Up!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Adult Reward System #4 - Visit a Florida State Park

Adult Reward System #4 - Visit a Florida State Park

Do you like getting out in nature?  I sure do.  You've been stuck indoors all week so why not get outside and breath in some fresh air in the woods.  Forget about the bugs and how far it is to the next bathroom.  Giggle!

After my week of organizing for my 2019 challenge I needed to get out of the house and see the blue sky and feel the wind on my face.  For me this always calls for a road trip to a local state park.

If you are taking part in the 2019 organizing challenge then you need to get out in nature to reward yourself too.  Look up your state parks and see if they have the passport book like we do here.  It's a lot of fun to get the pages stamped.  It makes you feel like you are visiting exotic places far away.  When in reality you are still in your own state.

I love visiting my Florida State Parks as a way to unwind and relax my whole body and mind after a long week of chores and adulting.

 My daughter and I went on a family day trip to Saint Augustine, Florida.  It's about an hours drive from our house in Volusia County Florida.

Our first Florida State Park we visited was Faver Dykes.
There is no ranger station but there is a resident ranger in the park to make sure guests stay safe.  It's the honor system of paying to help support the park.
Cost is $5 per vehicle

There is a lake and pavilion as well as restrooms. You can fish off the dock if you have a license.  Nature trails are the main focus of the park.  There is also a playground for the kids.

Our second visit was to Fort Mose about 20 minutes down the road and still in Saint Augustine.  Cost is $2 per person that is paid inside the visitor center.  They have a museum inside the building with interactive videos telling about the history of the fort and pictures showing the time period.

The first picture is an old board walk down in the marsh.
The second picture is a tree with red berries on it.  
The third picture is a crab eating algae.
The fourth picture is a statue outside the park entrance of a Spanish conquistador. 
Nature trails are in several places in the park.  The boardwalk takes you to a marsh where the Fort used to be.  Now there is only underground ruins that archeologist discovered with signs explaining what they found.

What To Bring

I always bring my own food and purified water bottle from home.  Saves money on the fill ups.  
Make sure you fill up the tank with gas in your town to save money on the tourist traps off the highway.  
I usually scope out the local grocery store and stock up on any snacks or drinks we run out on for the ride home.
Lunch and snacks cost $18.  Gas $40

For more pictures of our trip check out my social media sites.

 If you want to join in the 2019 Organizing Challenge with us you can do so here.

                          Sending You Sunshine!   Marsha

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Adulting Reward System #3 Self Hand Massage Therapy

So, just what is self hand massage?  Watch the short video below and you'll soon find out what and how to perform your own hand massage.

Our hands are used daily for all kinds of tasks.  We never stop and think about how much we use them until they start to hurt us.  Since, we will be doing a lot of work with our hands to organize our home this year we need to get them in shape and ready for the organizing challenge.

I use organic coconut oil for my skin and hair that I purchase on Vitacost at a huge savings.  Don't forget to use your Ebates cashback site before going to make your purchase.  If you click the sites above you will be using my referral links.  Thanks!


When you get up each morning I want you to massage your hands.  You can do this anytime before you start your housework or computer work.

Then, at the end of the day before you go to bed you'll want to massage your hands again.  This puts them to rest and relaxes your whole body and feels fantastic. 

Ask your partner if they'd like a hand massage too.  That way you both get the benefits of the therapy

Stay tuned for my unique and fun ways to reward yourself for a job well done.  You deserve it!  

Don't forget to send me your before photos via email by responding to the newsletter I send out each week.  The deadline to send January pictures is February 3, 2019. 

You'll get to see mine if you open your email from Markets Of Sunshine each week.

Happy Organizing!

Sending You Sunshine,

Marsha J.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

New Year Planner To Organize Your Home For 2019 From StampinUp!

It's a new year and time to start planning for organizing your home for 2019 in a hands on way.  I just so happen to know about a stylish but affordable planner from StampinUp!  Since, I joined as a demonstrator last year I have gotten to know more about the company and their products.   Join my 2019 Organizing Challenge today! <<<<

I joined the monthly card making kit called Paper Pumpkin and fell in love with the first box.  I can even skip the month's I don't want and my subscription keeps right on going and will automatically send out the next months on time without me having to do anything else.

Every year I get a new planner from a different company because I just can't seem to find the right one for me and my life.  I tried the printables for a 8.5 x 11 inch binder but that was too bulky and heavy to tote around.  So, I leave it on the kitchen table and used it for a food diary.

I also purchased a binder and planner in the 6 x 8 inch size which I love from MaryJanesFarm.
I hope I can get the refill kit this year.  I keep one at my desk for my Etsy business (MarketsOfSunshine) and personal goals.

So, I really need two planners not just one.  One is a food diary I keep in the kitchen and the other stays on my desk for business and personal to-do's.  I did try the Living Well Spending Less planner last year but it was way too heavy for me weak little arms.  I keep it on my couch and open it every now and again to jot something down.  Sadly, it does not suit my needs.  I need way more space to write my day down on.

This year I ordered a planner from one of my fellow Etsy sister's shop, (BenincasaDesign) from Canada for my personal life. 
 image 0
 That still leaves me needing one for my business and food diary.  Then I remembered that StampinUp! Makes a customizable planner so I headed to the website and bought one today.  So excited!  

If you want to buy one too you can visit my website here >>> Marsha Jaramillo <<<<<

The planner is going to come in handy for our organizing challenge too.  We need to remind ourselves to take our before and after pictures.  Make a little note to do that this week and send me your before photos to my email address found in your newsletter I sent out today.

When you get your January room finished then you'll want to take the after photos and send me those by February 3, 2019.  That way you won't miss out on getting in the giveaway drawing.  See the full details of the drawing in my first post 2019 Organizing Challenge here.

Then go to each month and make a note or put a sticker of a camera to remind you to do that each month and don't forget to send them to me, or it won't get you in the drawing.  

Now we are all set and ready to go with our 2019 Organizing Challenge.  Ready, get set, go!!!

Sending You Sunshine,

Marsha J.