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Etsy Teams: My Six Years of Experience as an Etsy Team Captain

Being a leader of a group of stranger's is not an easy task.  You have to learn how to deal with many different personalities.  It takes a lot of patience and compassion to be a good Captain of an Etsy team.

It also takes a humble attitude and not being afraid to ask for help and delegate responsibilities to others on the team. 

For the next few months I will be sprinkling in articles about Etsy and how their teams work in order to help you decide if they are right for you and your Etsy shop.

Keep in mind that being on a team is not a one way street.  You will have a measure of responsibility to participate when you join any team.  I'll go into that in a future post.

For now let's talk more about my experience and how it has affected me over the last 6 years.

I started my first Etsy team back in 2010 under the name Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op.  It was a fun and diverse group of women from all around the USA.  I did not know any of the women who joined personally at that time.  

Over the course of 5 years I have forged lasting friendships with many team member's even though I have never met them in person.

Our team did a number of great activities on and off Etsy to help get the word out about our shops.  It was a lot of fun.

Here is a list of the different marketing activities that we did to help promote our shops.

Marketing Venues

  1. Gift Sampler Box - This was a great marketing strategy.  The participating vendor's sent in samples of their work and they went out to subscriber's all over the USA.
  2. BNR/BNS Games - Buying Club played in Etsy treasuries
  3. Recipe and DIY Project book - This was a collection of member's favorite recipes and diy projects and household tips that was published in a book. (see photo)

  1. Celebrity Gifting Lounge - Participating team member's sent in samples of their work and it was gifted to Celebrities in a number of different events such as The Oscar's.

  1. Social media networking - Participating member's collaborated on social media
  2. Etsy Networking - Participating member's collaborated on Etsy in a number of different ways
  3. Customer Follow-up - Vendor's received a list of the customer's that were in the Gift Sampler Box program so they could keep in touch throughout the year with updates about their shop.
                                  Community marketing
I even shared our products in the community at area businesses.
They loved it as you can see in the above photo.
These are 2 sweet worker's at Debbie's Health Food Store

                             Food Truck & Craft Shows

As you can see I was very busy helping other Etsy seller's promote their shop's online and offline.

Tune in next week when I go more in depth about my current team that I am Captain of:

I'd like to introduce you to 2 of my Markets of Sunshine Etsy team member's blog's.  Please, take a moment to visit Icky Chic Designs and EWD Marketing and leave a comment telling them you saw them on Markets of Sunshine blog.


Promote, Promote and Promote


Sending You Sunshine,

Marsha J.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Etsy Referral Link: Get 40 Free Listings When You Open Your Shop

Sell on Etsy: Get 40 Free Listings!

Sell on Etsy and get 40 free listings when you open your shop using our referral link.  
We have recently helped 2 other friends get started selling their handmade wares on Etsy using our referral link.  You help them and they help you.  

Etsy rewards both of you with 40 free product listings.  That means when you are stocking your shop with your handmade products instead of paying .20 per listing you don't pay one penny.

Etsy also allows you to sell vintage items. That means they have to be 20 years old or older.  Here are some tips to help you know how to have a successful shop on Etsy.

#1 -Themed shops do best on Etsy.  You don't want to open a shop selling everything under the sun.  It confuses folks for one thing and it looks silly for another thing.

#2 - If you stick to one theme you gain respect and it builds authority.  Example: MOSColoringPages was one of our recent referrals.  They sell their artwork with different options.  You can pick note cards, coloring pages, prints, calendars and journals.

#3 - You see how that gives a cohesive look to their shop.  Visit MOSColoringPages and Favorite their shop and each item. (click the box that says:Favorite in their shop home page)
 This will help them get off to a great start.
                             Bluebird note card personalized

Parrot Coloring Page
Parrot Adult Coloring Pages, Kids Coloring Pages, Bird Artwork Print Set of 2

Our next friend opened her shop called: EWD Just Bags
She offers bags in all shapes and sizes.  Her is a sample of you can buy in her shop.  Sandwich/snack bag.
Lunch bags eco friendly, Reusable bag, snack bag, sandwich bag, ladybugs

#4 - Stock your shop with at least 10 items in the same category before you open your shop to the public.  Add them in different colors and price points.

#5 - Offer items that go together in sets.  

Read more great tips about selling on Etsy in my article:

Etsy Shop: Top 10 Tips on How To Get Sales In Your Etsy Shop or Website

Our New Etsy Shop: MOS Coloring Pages

You're invited to help us kick off our new Etsy preview party. The first one to leave a comment wins a free product from our shop that we select for you. Preview lasts until midnight August 16, 2016 Help us spread the word!
VW Van Note Card, VW Bus Note Card, Hippie Note Card, Travelers Note Card
Bluebird Note Card, Free Gift Wrap, Personalized Note Card, Blank Note Card
Pioneer School, SKE Gift, JW Gifts, Butterfly Greeting Cards, Congratulations Cards
Adult Coloring Page, Coloring Page Note Card, Kids Coloring Page
Purple Butterfly Note Card, Boxed Set, Boxed Note Cards, Blue Butterfly Wings
Bicycle Note Card, Tour De France, Bike Racing, Cross Country, Stationary Bike
Daisy Note Card, Flower Boxed Set, Get Well Card, Artwork Stationery Boxed Set
Parrot Adult Coloring Pages, Kids Coloring Pages, Bird Artwork Print Set of 2
Adult Coloring Pages, Kids Coloring Pages, Bird Artwork Print Set of 2
Chicken Note Card, Hen Card, Rooster Card, Chicken Gift, Peeps, Chicks
Vintage Camper Stationery Set, Trailer Note Card, Boxed Set, Glamping Card, Camper Gift

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Now it's time to hear from you, my dear reader.

Do you sell on Etsy?  Have you shared your referral link on social media or told a friend about opening an Etsy shop?

If so, tell me about it in the comment box below.

Ranger Spencer and I will reply to each and everyone of your comments, promptly.

How about you.  Do you want to get started on Etsy?  Just use my link above and tell me the name of your shop in the comments box.

Share this post with your friends on social media too.

Sending You Sunshine!

Marsha Jaramillo

P.S. Next week I'll share with you what Etsy Teams are and how they can benefit your shop if you join the right one.  
Stay Tuned!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Going Green Around the House: The Best Non-Toxic Household Cleaning Products and Tips

Going green around the house is easier than you might think.

Here is a list of the best non-toxic household cleaning products
and tips that I have found and have been using for over 24 years.

As you can see from this picture I use a variety of products to clean around my house.  Some you can buy at your local grocery store.  But, others you have to buy online from the maker's website.

Let's start by going from left to right in the picture.
Supplies List:
White Vinegar (non-food grade)
Baking Soda (any brand)
Mrs. Meyer's (Vitacost)
Basic-H & Basic-G (Shaklee)
 Unscented Dish Soap (7th Generation) Grove Collaborative)

Click on the website name to shop directly for these products.

You'll first need to sign-up with Ebates when you click on the VitaCost name and then search for them from that site to get your cash back bonus. (I am a member)

Shaklee is my long time favorite company for non-toxic cleaning products that get the job done without killing your lungs.  I started with them 24 years ago and would not use anything else for my everyday cleaning needs.
The Basic-H is there household cleaner.  The Basic-G is a germicide.  It will kill any kind of bacteria it comes in contact with.  Be sure to wear gloves when using these kinds of strong cleaners, even the safe ones.

Mrs. Meyer's is my laundry soap champion.  I love the lemon scented one.  It does not bother my allergies.  I get it delivered to my door with free shipping and at a discount using my Grove Collaborative membership.

Next, on my list is Norwex Microfiber Cloths

They come in these pretty colors and each color does a different job.  Purple is for windows and mirrors.  Pink is for all purpose.  Green is for anti-bacterial cleaning all over the house.

You only use water to clean with the green and pink one.  The purple one you use dry like a polisher.  You will never go back to vinegar again to clean windows and mirrors after you've cleaned with these babies.  Giggle!

When I clean with the vinegar I use a combination of dish soap and warm water.  1/4 cup vinegar, 3 cups warm water, 1 teaspoon dish soap and mix well.

To clean the grout on tile floors I use a mixture of lemon juice, vinegar, baking soda and dish soap.  Let it set for 5 to 10 minutes.  Scrub with a brush and the wipe clean.

For more of my great cleaning tips and recipes grab a copy of my Etsy team member's book in my Markets of Sunshine shop.

Tell me what you do to go green at your house in the comments box below.

Coming Soon!

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See ya next week with some more great ways for you to Go Green around your house.

Sending You Sunshine,

Marsha Jaramillo