Monday, October 26, 2020

How To Make Your First Junk Journal Without Spending Any Money On Supplies

 This is part four in the video series "Craft Show Ideas #4" featuring ways to make gifts without spending any money on supplies.  Zero waste eco-friendly green craft projects that help you use up supplies you already have on hand or that you can get from others.  

An easy way to make your first junk journal without having to spend a dime on supplies is by gathering up old greeting cards you have stored in a box somewhere.  This custom made anniversary card is on it's way to a customer of mine who commissioned me to make this for her parents Anniversary.

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I'll show you in this video how easy it is to turn it into a journal in under 30 minutes.  

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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

DIY Gift Ideas #2 - Matchbook Notepads - Zero Waste Eco-Friendly Crafting Gifts

 We're all looking for unique ways to save money on purchases in 2020 since it's very clear that you never know what tomorrow will bring.  COV-19 has certainly taught us that lesson in the 21st century.  And we also need some fun activities to do inside since that is where most of us have to be anyway.  Why not make the most of this whole quarantine thing together!

This is a ten part video series on using up your craft supplies to make beautiful gifts for care packages or happy mail to send friends and family this year.  I'll show you easy DIY eco-friendly crafting gift ideas that you will be proud to give anyone.  

These cute matchbook notepads will help you use up those small left over paper scraps in your stash and clean up your craft room at the same time.  It's a zero waste win for everyone!

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Friday, October 16, 2020

How To Make Envelope For Cards Without Spending Any Money On Supplies

 Sustainable crafting might be a new concept to most out there in the handmade world.  But, there is a way for any DIY project to be made without spending any money on supplies.  How you ask?  I'm happy to share this easy way to make some beautiful gifts just by using up junk mail and packaging you already have in your home.

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Before I get to the "how to" part of this post.  Let me give you a little bit of information about my background and how I came to be a creative soul.  Well it all started back in grade school in art class.  If you're from the baby boomer generation like I am then you probably remember those times with fond memories.  I know I sure do.

Well year after year I'd make something fun and pretty and bring it home to my Mom.  She loved each and every item that I made no matter how simple it might have been to make.  She still has them to this day displayed all around her bedroom.  

Fast forward to becoming a Mom myself and having my daughter and wanting to share with her my love of making things with my own two hands was a dream come true.  What I could not teach her myself and for the sake of her having social interaction with other children her own age.  As an only child and being home schooled she needed that association very much.

A group of my friends were also teaching their children at home so we formed a group and would meet once a week so the children could interact with different age groups outside of their own home.  We found places that taught young children age 6 and up to hand sew, paint, draw and other fun crafts.

It was in that group of 8 families that I really was able to express my love for teaching.  I taught sign language and crafts class to ages 5 to 13 for 7 years.  I also was hired to teach different adult classes about crafts and how to use website applications over a video conference platform.

I now teach what I've learned on my YouTube channel through video tutorials.  I'll explain how you can make beautiful gifts with supplies you already have on hand in the video below.  Click the button to watch it now.

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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Vintage Fabric Yardage To Use In Sewing and Crafting Projects - Etsy Shop Pioneer Fundraiser

 My husband and I are the curator's of the Etsy shop Pioneer Fundraiser.  We opened this shop in 2010 to resale vintage treasures aka old stuff that we found in thrift stores and garage sales here in Central Florida.

Our love for all things retro has turned into a nice little supplemental income stream that has been a blessing in disguise.  Since we live on one income coming in from a self-employed business you can't depend on a set amount of weekly income.  It fluctuates from job to job.  

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The same is true with our Etsy shop income.  It all depends on who finds our shop and buys the item they were looking for as a gift or as a replacement to a set.  So when you put the two income streams together you get what turns out in the end to be a reliable payday.


So without further ado let's get right into looking at the latest vintage fabric that is available for you in our Etsy shop.  Watch the short video below from start to finish and you'll see the four beautiful green and blue materials that you can choose from for your project.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

How To Make A Fabric Covered Bookmark In 10 Minutes

 I'm making a few hundred bookmarks to give to our local nursing home residents who need cheering up after being isolated from their families for over 6 months or more.  Here in Florida some of the nursing homes are starting to allow small numbers of family members to visit their loved ones.

But, it's taking time to get the ball rolling again.  So we've teamed up with some of our local friends and are writing letters and making gifts to give these dear older members of our society.

Reach out to your local senior care groups and ask what they need and sign-up to help make a difference in an elderly persons life today!  They'll be glad for the help.

If you would like to add a care package to give to a loved one check out my Etsy shop, Markets of Sunshine.  You'll find lots of writing box care packages that are just the thing to show how much your family member means to you.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

How To Make Pretty Pocket Pages In Your Junk Journal Without Spending Money

 This is a video series that I am doing for 2020 to help you save money on gift giving.


Did you know that you can use junk mail envelopes to make an embellishment on a page?  I'll show you how easy it is to do in this 30 minutes video tutorial.  Click the image below to watch the easy step by step how to tutorial now.

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