Thursday, December 6, 2018

Organizing Challenge For 2019

Organizing Challenge For 2019

 Want to organize every room in your house for 2019?  Now you can along with me and those who join in on the challenge.  Together we are going to turn our homes into castles for 2019.  They will be looking like a model home 24/7 with just a few quick fixes that I will show you how to do everyday of the year.  It all begins on January 1, 2019 and will end of December 31, 2019.  Are you in?!!

Here's How It Will Start

12 months to organize every room in your house.

1.  Pick the room you want to start with first. Write it in your planner.
2.  Go through that room each day and pick up things that do not belong there and put them in a box for sorting later.
3.   Dust all surfaces and move all furniture and clean behind and underneath.  Take it one day at a time until everything is clean.
4.  Once you have the room clean start sorting the box of stuff and put them where they belong or donate or throw away.
5.   Take a picture of the room completed and send it to me at:
 6.  Repeat these steps for every room in your home for the rest of the year.  One month at a time.  One room at a time.  Watch me on Facebook as I show you live the before and after each month at
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Win Prizes

I'll be showing off each room in my home and you can too.  Want to join me?  Be sure to first comment on this post below.
Then send me your project photo of your completed room each month to my email at: by the 3rd of the following month (example for January's completed room send me your photo on February 3rd)
For a bonus entry just share this post with your friends via email or social media.

Prize List

Here is a list of the prizes that I will give away every quarter to those who complete each months room clean up.  (you must send me your room before and after photos and the name of the room to qualify i.e. living room, bathroom etc...)

  • Organizing notebook
  • Cash Envelope System Set
  • $5 Etsy Gift Card
  • Greeting Card Set  
  • Tealightful Tea Gift Set

Sending You Sunshine,
Marsha J.  


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