Friday, September 28, 2018

Week 36: How To Get Rid Of Stress Using Creativity

Creativity Gets Rid Of Stress

Do you think of yourself as a creative person?  I'd say it's about a 50/50 split among my reader's.
Some of you don't feel like you are a creative person when it comes to making things with your hands.  While some of you are avid crafter's of all types of handmade products.  I get so excited when I've worked on a project and it turns out well.  I want to share it with all of my friends and family.

The reaction can be anywhere from that's beautiful to that's nice.  One friend asked me, "Are you doing another craft now?"  Like it was a totally weird thing to do.  If you are a true blue artisan at heart you can't just stick to one medium.  You have to try your hand at a new one every now and again or you'll get bored with the same old thing day in and day out.

It's kinda like eating.  Would you eat oatmeal every morning 365 days a year?  Year in and year out?  If you do, you are in for a big and rude awakening one day.  Your body will revolt on you one day and decide it has had enough.  You'll either get a health problem like diabetes or an allergic reaction.

No one likes the same food every day and no one likes making the same crafts every time either.

If you had to make a quilt over and over again all your life.  You'd go nuts!!! 

Here is your challenge for the week...

Creative Challenge

I challenge you to find a craft that you can start this week and complete within a short period of time.  Don't go join a quilting class if you've never sown a day in your life.  Start off with hand sewing a little pillow or pin cushion first.

Get an adult coloring book and a pack of crayons at the dollar store.  That counts for getting rid of stress.  It totally takes your mind off your problems.  After a few minutes you'll only be thinking happy thoughts and all the negative ones will fly away.

After you complete your project send it to a friend or family member.  That will count as one of your cards in our #52weeksnailmailchallenge too.

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"Blooming Gifts" Collection

Thanks for joining me this week for yet another
 "Hero Adventures" episode.

Sending You Sunshine,

Marsha J.

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Monday, September 17, 2018

Week 35: September 2018 How To Organize Your Craft and Sewing Room

Greetings! from still hot and steamy Florida.  

I don't know how people can live in the tropics and put up with the constant hot and humid climate year round.  I for one need the break that the seasons bring.  I want to feel the cool air on my face and be able to step outside and take a deep breath and feel refreshed instead of like I want to drop dead from the heat.  UGH!!!  Rant over...

This is week 35: I am going to share with you how I am organizing my craft and sewing room.  I started by sorting out all my supplies and projects. 

Step 1: Sort 

Give yourself a few hours or days depending on how much stuff you have.  Don't rush it.  Just go at your pace.  For me it took a few days to get things all sorted.  I took everything out of my closets, drawers and off tops of tables and sorted into piles according to the type of supply it was. i.e. trims, embellishment, adhesive, scissors, etc...

Step 2: Gather containers

I already have a ton of containers of all sorts.  i.e. plastic, canvas totes and bags of all sizes

Step 3: Decide Where Things Will Go

 For me I have a spare bedroom that was already my home studio.  It just needed a make-over in the closet.  We took out all the wire metal shelves and my dear husband made 3 wood shelves 16 inches by 7 feet to fit inside the closet.  We left one of the wire shelves at the very top for my light weight sewing supplies.

Step 4: Label Your Containers

Look at your piles of sorted supplies and you'll know what labels you need to make.  If you have a lot of tools then you'll want a container just for these.  If you have a small amount of tools and a small amount of something else like scissors then you can combine them into one container labeling it tools and scissors.  Continue this method until you have all the containers labled.

Step 5: Fill Up Your Containers 

This is another one that you don't need to rush.  If you have limited energy or time then just work at your pace and for the time you can until you have everything in a container again.

Step 6: Organize Your Space

Now that you have everything in a container you now need to decide where in your room/shelf they will go back to.  You can color coordinate the containers or just use what you have already and save yourself a ton of money.  I don't much mind what the final color combo turns out to be just as long as it is organized and I can find things easily when I need it.

I hope this has motivated you to take on the challenge and get your creative space organized.

Sending You Sunshine!

Marsha J.

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Friday, September 7, 2018

Week 34: End Of Summer Giveaway Winners!

Our end of summer giveaway was a hit and I now have the pleasure of announcing our three winners.
Drum roll.....

 Congrats! to our three winners...
Anita Jude
Audrey Stewart
Ashley Hart

Thanks for sharing our giveaway on your social media and for following the rules of the contest.

For all of those who entered and did not win one of our three prizes I have a consolation prize for you.

I will be sending you a Huge discount code for you to use in my Etsy shop so that you can still get one of my handmade products that you love at a great price!  Just my way of saying: Thanks!
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You will have 3 business days to reply and claim your prize.  I hope you enjoy these lovely handmade gifts that will help you make your life less stressful.

I hope you will visit my Etsy shop, Markets of Sunshine you'll find fun budgeting products to make your life less stressful.  And, Pioneer Fundraiser for all your gift giving needs. 

Read all about my #52weeksnailmailchallenge for 2018.  It's a fun way to stay in touch with friends near and far.

 Sending You Sunshine,
Marsha J. 
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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Week 33: How I Keep A Positive Attitude So I Can Reach My Goals

How I Keep A Positive Attitude So I Can Reach My Goals

Here we are at week 33 and it's already September too.  I've been busy making more cards to send out to my list of friends and family members for my #52weeksnailmailchallenge.  To help me keep a positive attitude while I reach my goals for 2018 I've been participating in swaps over at my favorite forum MaryJanesFarm.  It's a place where like minded women can share their life and take part in fun activities that are all suited for the farm girl at heart organic living lifestyle.  

 Daily Scripture Inspiration

For our 30th wedding anniversary on June 11th our daughter made me a daily scripture journal.  You can see the cover of it in the photo on the left side with the whale on the front.  She is an artist and I love everything that she draws for me.  Our 2018 regional convention was themed "Be Courageous" so that was the appropriate theme she gave this journal gift.  Every night I either write a new verse that will help me to maintain a positive attitude or I just read what I've already written and meditate on the ones that I need the most that day.

I also like to surround myself with positive quotes that remind me of just how blessed I am like the "Mother" quote on this towel.  There is no greater joy than to be a wife and mother.  I get to take care of a family and teach lots of life lessons along the way from the principles I've learned from my daily bible reading.  It's the best guide and it's free!


 You Are My Happy

The greatest gift a Mother can have is know that she has created a happy place for her family and friends to enjoy every time they enter her home.  The smiles on our faces is a true testament to the life we live and enjoy together.  It didn't happen by chance it came about from a lot of hard work and from living by the standards of God's word and not the worlds or our own.

 Woman's Best Friend

I've always found that you can't trust people who don't like animals or plants. Giggle!  That might seem like a bit of an exaggeration but I have always found it to be true.  We were created to live on the earth and to take care of the creatures and plants God put here for us to enjoy.  
When I work in my garden I feel like I'm in my happy place.  When I watch animals play or come to my feeders it gives me the greatest since of fulfillment as a care giver.  One of the gifts I was given by my creator.  Life isn't all about me.  It's about helping and taking care of others as well as myself.


Another gift I was given that I'll share with you, of how I keep a positive attitude so I can reach my goals, is by encouraging others.  When I sit down to write a letter on one of my handmade cards I want to upbuild and lift the spirits of the person who will read it.  I like to update them on how I'm doing and then tell them all the things they do that I admire about them.  I don't want anyone to feel forgotten or to feel lonely or that no one cares.  There are people who do care.  It's our job to let them know that they are valued to us and to give something of value to them from us in return.  

When I read successful people saying things like: "If you are starting a business just to make money you will never be happy or successful."  Or, on social media people who are trying to get out of debt saying:
"I'm not any happier now that I paid off my debt than I was while I was in debt."

It reminds me of another reason I have to be thankful each day.  And, that is for all the loving family and friends I have in my life.  I have true friends and that is not easy to come by these days.  So, knowing that helps me to keep a positive attitude and helps me keep going to reach my goals.  
That makes me truly happy each and every day!

My number one goal is to declutter my house by the end of 2018.  I've been selling things off little by little and I can finally see some progress.  I made a worksheet that helps me do a little bit each day.
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