Sunday, January 20, 2019

Adult Reward System #5 - Indoor Gardening During The Winter With Plants That Purify The Air

Indoor Gardening during the winter - Adult Reward System #6

Did you ever consider that gardening was a free form of happy therapy?  It is!
Studies have been conducted by countries around the world at medical centers proving that patients that are exposed to nature several times a week heal faster and are happier than those who are not.

If you want to prove it to yourself buy a few house plants and take care of them.  Before you know it you'll give them names and even will start talking to them daily.  Why do plants make us happy?  

Well, because they are a living thing and they give us so much in return for a little water and sunlight.  This makes us happy to see the results of our tender loving care of another living thing.  Even if it's just a plant.  

Here are a few of my house plants.  I bring them indoors off my back patio during the cold spells we get on occasion here in Central Florida. 


 Christmas Cactus



Yellow Orchid



Now if you want to purify the indoor air and improve the quality of your health then you can add these five to your indoor garden.

First up is the Spider Plant.  It's easy to care for and only needs a little water once a week or so.  Set it in front of a frosted window or indirect sunlight and it will be a happy camper.

The other four on the list I don't have indoors yet.  They are Boston fern, peace lily, philodendron and english ivy.  You'll find there are more but these will get you started.  I looked up two articles that I think you will like that explains more about it at Farmer's Almanac and Earth Easy.  Enjoy!

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Sending You Sunshine

P.S.  How many plants does it take to purify the indoor air of your home?  You'll find the answer in the Farmer's Almanac article.  Come back here and tell me your answer.  Then I'll tell you mine.

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