Thursday, November 29, 2018

Week 46: Six Weeks Left To Finish The Snail Mail Challenge

#52weeksnailmailchallenge is coming to an end in just six weeks.  We are on week 46 and the clock is counting down.  How did you do with this challenge?  I got a little behind and am working hard to get caught up so I can finish the challenge on time and have 52 cards to show for my hard work.  
I have 24 more cards to send out in the next six weeks.  I started making the new cards a few weeks ago and have a stack sitting next to me on the couch.  Things have gotten a little hectic at times which through me off my game.  
I finally have things back under control and am back to my regular routine.  I am feeling pretty good health wise and have reached my target goal for my weight for 2018.  I am just one pound away from where I was back in 2015.  

So now the big question on my mind is what kind of challenge should we do for 2019?

Here is where you come in.  I will be sending out an email next week with a survey.  It will give you three options to choose from for our challenge for 2019.  It will be a monthly challenge instead of a weekly challenge.  This gives you four weeks to get that's month challenge accomplished.

What I need from you now is some ideas.  Just post below and tell me what is your biggest challenge for keeping up with your daily routine.  You don't have to go in to a lot of detail just give me a few words like....organize tips, relationships, budgeting, gratitude etc...

You get the idea.  So help a sister out and give me your ideas.
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Thanks for taking the time to read my post and share your thoughts with us.

Sending You Sunshine!

Marsha J.