Monday, July 16, 2012

Keeping The Fun Going With Kallie's Cotton!

The fun continues with Kallie's Cotton Blog Hop & Shop Hop!

Snowflake: Hello Again Dear Friends! Are you ready for some more fun with the Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op? Our featured member in the spotlight this week is 

Kallie's Cotton. She has a contest for you. . . here are the rules:

Kallie's Contest Rules:

1. Like her on Facebook (if you have an account)
2. Follower her blog (required)
3. Follow her on Twitter (if you have an account)
Prize will be a 4 piece set of hot pads. This is a brand new item.

Now, Let's check in with our roaming reporter for the latest news.

Sunshine: Thank you Snowflake! I have a great game for our friends this week. It's the Blog Hop and Shop Hop with the SFGCTEAM!

We are trying to get the word out about our great co-op and this is a fun way to reach out and get more followers. Help us by following along and share this post on your blog, Facebook and twitter pages. Just click the button at the bottom of this post to easily post it on all these locations.
We are also having a contest for you to show our appreciation for your help. We will be giving away one of our Eco-Gift Sampler Boxes in August! All entries from July and August will get in the drawing on August 31st.
Here is how to enter:


1. Follow our Blog
2. Favorite our Etsy Treasury 

3. Leave a comment saying you did so we can verify4. Bonus - Make a purchase from Kallies Cotton shop and get 5 extra entries!

Each of our Sampler boxes is filled with adorable and useful handmade gifts from our co-op shops. What are you waiting for? Follow along with us and have some fun!

Back to you Snowflake!

Snowflake: Woo Hoo! Blog hop here we go! Enjoy our weekly recipe and DIY project in this months newsletter. Click here to try these fun and money saving ideas.

There you have if friends. Tune in next week for some more great fun with us here at the Sunshine FarmGirl Co-op.

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Celebrating with CJW Design Village

Celebrating with CJW Design Village

Snowflake: Welcome to another fun week with the Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op members. We have a great member featured this week. Cindy of CJW Design Village.
Let's tune in with or roaming reporter, Sunshine and see what she has for us this week.

Sunshine: Thanks, Snowflake! Our featured member this week is from the horse state of Kentucky. She is a jewelry designer and here is what she had to say in our interview.....

When did you start your business?
I started my business on Etsy January 29, 2012

What one tip would you give for newbies selling on Etsy?Keep on working on your shop join circles, do treasuries, meet people keep going.

Where can shoppers find you online? (FB, twitter, blog, etsy etc)

Can you give our reader's a special discount in our craft show this week?
Yes, I am offering 25% any item through July.
Can you offer a giveaway prize?
Yes, I would love to offer a pair of Shell Collage Earrings. 
These earrings have a lot going on. They are like a charm bracelet but earrings instead. From the chain hangs circle shells, glass beads, bead caps and crest. Very long at 2 1/2 inches. The swinging is going to be charming to your ears.

1. Follow our blog
2. Favorite CJW Design Village on Etsy
3. Favorite the Craft Show (stop by and click the button that says favorite and turn the heart red)

4. Make a purchase in our craft show and get 5 extra entries

5. Leave a comment here saying you did 1-3 on the list. If you also do 4 be sure to post the transaction link for me to verify.

And, that is not all Cindy has for us this week. Here is a fun DIY project that you can do for any occasion. 

DIY: How to Make a Little Girl’s Designer Purse
By Cynthia J. Williams
CJW Design Village
What you will need:
1 sponge or paint brush
1 small purse
1 8.5 x 11 sheet of scrapbook paper (your choose of color)
1 package of stickers of a character your child likes
Mod Podge

I purchased a little used purse at a thrift store for .50 cents it just needed a little cleaning. I wiped the purse clean and let it dry. Then opened the purse and laid it back side down on the scrapbook paper. And traced an outline of the purse for a template.

Then I covered the top side of the purse with the paper color side up. Painted all of the paper with the mod podge and let dry. Mod podge dries clear. When it’s dry add another coat. Let dry.
Now arrange the stickers how and where you want them on the purse. Your chose of how many stickers you want to use. I left room on the purse in case my granddaughter wanted to add more stickers when I gave her the purse.
Now cover the purse again with a coat of mod podge and let dry. When dry add another coat and let dry again.

And now you have a beautiful designer purse to give as a gift. Or make it together with the little girl in your life.


Back to you Snowflake as I prepare for next week's featured spotlight member. Be on the look out for an announcement for some shopping fun we will be doing Thursday at 8 p.m. est on Mom Traffic's website with CJW Design Village and Kallie's Cotton. We'll post the event link under the Calender of Events section here at the top of our blog.

Snowflake: There you have it folks from the deep south of Central Florida. Be sure to enter our contest and make this fun DIY project we have for you this week.

Tune in next week for more exciting news and fun from the Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op Etsy Team!

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Celebrating Family Heritage with Kallie's Cotton

Celebrating Family Heritage with Kallie's Cotton

Snowflake: We hope you are in the mood to share some family tree history with us this week with our featured spotlight member, Kallie's Cotton.

Let's check in with our roaming reporter to see what fun activities she has for us!

Sunshine: It's good to be here with you all for another fun week of easy recipes and shopping! Kallie has something really great for you all and I hope you will come shop with us at our online Craft Show! Check the Calender of Events section at the top of this page.

Kallie's DIY on a Taco Baked Potato

1. 1 LB of meat makes 4 servings... Brown hamburger, then add a taco mix and salsa. Set this aside.
2. Wash potato, dry it off, then place it in your microwave baked potato bag and microwave for around 6-8   minutes for 1 potato. (Adjust time as needed for more potatoes.)
3. Cut the potato up in bite size pieces on your plate or plates

Layer the rest of ingredients on top of potato
1. butter and sour cream to taste
2. serving size of taco meat
3. shredded cheese on top
4. add more salsa if needed.
enjoy your dinner.

Give-a-way Contest: Mini Microwave Potato BagMicrowave Baked Potato Cooking Bag - Beige
1. Follow our blog
2. Favorite Kallie's Cotton on Etsy
3. Favorite the Craft Show 

4. Make a purchase in our craft show and get 5 extra entries

More great news, we now have our July Eco-Gift Sampler Box for sale on our website. Order Here It is filled with over 10 handmade items and a few direct sales samples.

We are looking for more crafters for our sampler box program. If you are a crafter of family friendly items and would like to promote your products in our sampler box, please contact me to be included in our September, Tea Party themed box. Or, fill out the application on our website. 

Snowflake: There you have it folks! Another great week of fun here on the Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op. Don't miss out on getting your Eco-Gift Sampler Box so that you can be entered in our drawing to win a free sampler box for September.

The winner of our drawing for April is Deena Burnham, Congrats! she won one of our July Eco-Gift Sampler boxes!

Tune in next week! Same Co-op Time! Same Co-op Blog!