Monday, December 31, 2018

Adulting Reward System #2 Tea Therapy

Adulting Reward System #2 Tea Bath Therapy

 Relax though sore muscles in a warm tea bath after a day of housework.
It's easy to make with a few ingredients you already have in your kitchen.
Think of it as bath time therapy.
I just happen to be a tea lover and so you'll find a lot of my rewards are centered around tea themes.

Here is what you'll need...

cup of brewed tea
tub of warm water
soft music

Fill up your bathtub with warm water.  I start out on hot and by the time it's full it's just the right temperature to soak in.  Add your favorite herbal tea blend in a cotton organic muslin bag. 
Note: Some berries can stain the tub.
  I use organic tea herbal blends. Hang the bag over the spout and let the hot water run over the bag to make the tea infusion in your bath water.  I let mine soak in the tub after it was full for 30 minutes.
My demonstrator link is here at Tealightfultea

Put a few jar candles around the tub on the shelf.  I happen to have a big built in window seat in mine.
Brew your favorite tea blend and turn on some soft music.  Now, get in an relax for a while.

I recommend doing this right before bedtime and you'll have blissful sleep.
Whatever time you decide is up to you.  But, prepare to relax the rest of the day.

If you are just discovering my 2019 Organizing Challenge you'll want to go back to the beginning and read each post up to here.  This is a really fun way to make your home beautiful again.
Here they are in order below... Enjoy!

 Disclaimer:  You should check with your doctor before adding any new routine to your life.
I've looked up an article for you to consider before trying this tea therapy out.
Rose Mountain Herbs

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