Friday, April 19, 2019

Craft Room Makeover On A Budget - Part 2

Welcome to my #2019organizingchallenge series.  Each month I am organizing and redecorating every room in my house.  For March it was my craft room.  Here are the after photos.  Enjoy!

The wall color was a green and orange.  It was very faded looking.  Now we have a beautiful soft sea green farmhouse color on the walls that makes all the new farmhouse decor really stand out.

The furniture is white and has plenty of storage as you can see in the photo.
This holds all my embellishments such as ribbon, washi tape, brads and more.

The window treatment is a vintage curtain and valance found on one of my garage sale ventures.

These storage organizer bags are right behind the door so it didn't take up valuable wall space.
They hold all of my wallets and envelopes I sell in my Etsy shop, Markets of Sunshine. <<<click

This adorable farmhouse shelf is right over my shipping area.  It keeps all my tools in reach.

Cute wood handmade shelves were added along with a vintage sewing machine for plenty of storage right over my sewing table.

This is my sewing supply corner.  The wire racks hold my fabrics and have chalkboard labels on each shelf.  The cube table in the middle has four spots for baskets and lots of storage possibilities.  The shelf above has three compartments for more storage.  The organizer on the left was perfect for my paper storage.

I am so happy with how this craft room makeover turned out.  What do you think?  I'll be putting together a step-by-step tutorial for you with all the products I used and how we accomplished this in just 30 days.

Stay tuned for my Entryway makeover reveal coming up next...

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Monday, April 15, 2019

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Monday, April 8, 2019

Craft Room Makeover On a Budget

  Get our DIY tutorial here. <<<<<

I hope you enjoy this craft room makeover on a budget video.
You're going to take a little tour with me of my craft room makeover.  

It took us less than a month to complete.  We started by taking everything out of the room.  Put non-voc paint on the walls (the best thing to do for your health).  

Next, I ordered the new furniture pieces I wanted in the room.  As you'll notice I went with a white and farmhouse gray combination.
To bring in more of the farmhouse feel I found an adorable wire shelf unit that hangs on the wall.

To learn where I bought each piece click here to nab your craft room makeover tutorial.  You'll get more inspiration and budget makeover ideas delivered to your inbox monthly.

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