Monday, December 17, 2018

How To Organize A Room In 20 Minutes Or Less

20 Minutes Organizing Tips

Tip # 1
Pick the room you are going to organize that day

Tip # 2
Divide the room into four sections

Tip #3
Set a timer for 20 minutes and pick up everything you see that does not belong in that room and put it where it belongs

Tip #4
Now pick on section of the room and clean it thoroughly (if the timer is still going move on to the next section and so on until the timer goes off)
 I like to use all natural cleaning products like Shaklee Basic-H and Norwex Micro Fiber Cloth
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Tip #5
 Write down what you did in your planner

Tip #6
Do this every day until you have each room in your house organized and cleaned

Here is how I go about organizing my cluttered house.

1.  I start with vacuuming the whole house (Shark Complete Seal Anti Allergen)
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2.  As I go along I pick up anything on the floor and put it where it belongs

3.  This takes me about 20 minutes for my 1500 sq. ft. home

4.  I then take a break at the computer and put my feet up but I don't waste time surfing the web

5.  I do something for my business like writing this blog post today

6.  Or, I look at my to-do-list and order things we are running low on or that my doctor or dentist recommended I buy

By the time I do all of the above it is time for lunch.  So, I make my lunch which is usually heating up something on the stove out of the freezer.  After lunch I wash the dishes and clean the kitchen counters.  I don't use a dishwasher because it harbors mold and is a nesting ground for roaches.  Don't believe me?  Ask your hubby to pull it out and take it apart.  You'll be amazed at what you've been washing your dishes in.  Clean the drain pipes and hoses thoroughly in bleach or buy new ones.

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Disclaimer: I am not paid or receiving products from any of the companies mentioned. The opinions and comments are mine.

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