Thursday, June 10, 2021

Altered Paper Clips Challenge - Twelve Weeks Of Creative Fun

 Join in the fun of making twelve decorative paper clips in this interactive Altered paper clips challenge hosted on Markets of Sunshine YouTube channel. <<<click

 Begins June 8, 2021 and ends September 7, 2021.  If you want to share your finished altered paper clip on social media for all to see please use the hashtag #mosalteredpaperclips

To join in the challenge simple Subscribe to our channel and follow along with each weeks design. There is a supplies list that you will need to follow.  You can pick up the PDF file in our Facebook Group Junk Journal Junction. <<<click

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Did You Know You Can Crochet On Fabric? Learn How In This Video


If you've been crocheting for a while you might be looking for some new ideas of what you can make.
Here's a fun way to add pizzazz to any embellishment and turn boring into awesome!

Click the video below to watch this easy process.
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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Powerful By Faith - A Newsletter That's More Than Just Words On A Page

Who do you invite into your daily email inbox?

When you sign-up for a discount code it's usually because you really love the item and want to get it for an even better price than listed.
Am I right?

But, you probably don't want to be getting a daily email from that company asking you to buy again. Right?  Do they ever just send out something that is totally inspiring or instructional that might make your life easier?  Rarely!

Want a refreshing change?
Markets of Sunshine newsletter provides you with inspiration through instructional DIY videos on our YouTube channel (Here)
We host a giveaway when we reach the next milestone of subscriber's (every 100 increase).
And, we also send out occasional Sale event announcements on great new products or ones that will be discontinued. We have two Etsy shops. One for handmade gifts, Markets of Sunshine. The other is vintage gifts and craft supplies, Pioneer Fundraiser.
 You get the first opportunity to grab these deals a day before the public gets notified.  Last but not least, we give a generous 20% off coupon code as our Thank You for letting us into your world.

All of this goodness only comes to your email inbox a few times a month!  We don't believe in spamming our subscriber's. You're to important a person to us to do that to you.  Our valued customer!

So I hope you will put Faith in us and let us inspire you each month.  To find out more about what the meaning of our logo above, head on over to our Instagram site @marketsofsunshine_jw

Sending You Sunshine!


Thursday, May 13, 2021

DIY GIFTS Using Textured Wallpaper Cloth - Mini Junk Journals

 Make a beautiful junk journal and give as a gift using textured wallpaper cloth.  I'll show you how in this video on my YouTube channel, Markets of Sunshine.  You can buy the wallpaper in my Etsy shop click here .. Shop Now!

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Sunday, May 9, 2021

Country Patchwork Theme Handmade Embellishments Kits For May In Red and Purple


These embellishments kits are filled with a variety of country patchwork theme all handmade from vintage and modern supplies.  In a warm purple and red color pallet.  Priced affordable so that you can start a little project and finish it all in one day.  All the details are in the description at the link below.

Head on over to Markets of Sunshine Etsy shop and pick up one of these little treasures for only $5 plus shipping!  Click Here >>> Shop Now!

Supplies are limited.  Only available for the month of May 2021.

Thank you for your support to our small business.  Made in the USA.

Friday, April 2, 2021

Vintage Fabric For Sale On Etsy

 Do you love to use vintage supplies in your craft or sewing projects?  

Here is a short video featuring a lot of beautiful vintage material in all textures and colors under the sun.

You'll find them in our Etsy shop at this link >>> Pioneer Fundraiser <<<<< Just click to shop!

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

How To Make Your DIY Projects Look Consistent

 Do you struggle with the idea of starting a new craft or sewing project?  Have you thought about selling your handmade products online but don't know where to start?  You're not alone.  I used to think that it was so easy to make something and open up a shop online and that the sells would come flooding in.  But, guess what?  That doesn't happen unless you're a Celebrity with big bucks to pay a promoter and market your business and website to the masses.

So what do we little fish do to get the word out about our website and business?  Social media and word of mouth advertising.  Yes, and you have to ask people to check out your site.  Otherwise, how will they know that you even have a business online?

In this video I'll give you some pro tips on how to give your handmade products a signature look that will get you raving fans in no time.

While, you're on my YouTube channel soaking up this free content, I'd like to ask you to Subscribe to my channel and share it with a few friends on your social media for me.  You'd be doing me a big favor.

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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Enter My 400 Subscriber's Giveaway On YouTube at Markets of Sunshine For A Chance To Win Free Craft Supplies From Crafter's Companion


What can be more exciting than to win Free craft supplies?

If you love to make cards, junk journals or do scrapbooking then you'll want to Subscribe to my YouTube channel.  Every week I make a video about one of these topics.  I also share beginner sewing and embroidery tips once in a while.

Right now I'm working on reaching my goal of 400 subscribers on my YouTube channel.  We are so close to reaching it so I decided to start the giveaway early.

***************Here's how to enter: Click the arrow next to each question and type Yes in the box (after you Subscribe and Follow) then click submit. That enters you in the Giveaway.

1. Subscribe to my channel with a Public account

2. Like, share and comment on the giveaway video

3. Enter the rafflecopter form below

4. Follow my blog 

5.  Open to USA and International (International winner will pay for the shipping or forfeit the prize)

Once we reach 400+ subscriber's I will select the winner.

To see what the prize will be watch the video below.  

You don't have to make an account on YouTube.  You use your email account to sign-in so that you can leave a comment and share.  Don't forget to Subscribe!

Hope you win!


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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

What's the Easiest Way To Make a Junk Journal Using a 12 x 12 Paper Tutorial

 Are you new to making junk journals?  Do you have 12 x 12 paper packs and you don't know what you want to make with them?  I'll show you what you can make with them in this video tutorial.

Use up your 12 x 12 paper pack and make cute happy mail gifts and the easiest fun way to make a junk journal all in one project.  

Inside you'll find lots of surprises that are also super easy to make.  Use up paper scraps with this project too.  Now on with the the video below to begin.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

How To Make Your Bible Study Time Creative #marketsofsunshine

 Here are some quick and easy tips to make your Bible study time creative.  They are proven to get you started off on the right foot with the right mindset.  Are you ready!  Let's go! #marketsofsunshine


Tip #1 - Change From Boring To Creative by making a mind shift of how you view your Bible study time.  Don't just read the Bible and research a topic. Take it a step further by writing down what you learned.  But in a creative way with art!  Catch my last blog post about How to make Creative Bible Study Notes in your art journal <<<click <<<

Tip #2 - Decorate your journal or notebook cover.  Take the cover from boring to amazing with just a few simple elements.  I'll show you how in the video below.  You don't even have to spend any money on supplies.  You probably have them already on hand. Or should!

Tip #3 - Add color to the pages of your study notes using markers, washi tape (I explain it in the video too) sticker and rubber stamps.

Tip #4 - Change your view.  By that I mean look out a window at nature or go outside if you can and sit in nature before you start reading and writing.  This will immediately help your mind to relax and put you in touch with the Creator of Heaven and Earth.  What better way to meditate on the things you are learning about him and his purposes.

Tip #5 - Meditate by thinking and talking about what you read and learned with someone who cares about what you are doing.  Don't waste time trying to share your excitement with someone who will miss the import of what you are feeling.  Share these spiritual gems with someone else is a Bible reader.

Now, to take this a step further I go in depth in my video over on my YouTube channel at Markets of Sunshine.  I hope you'll take the time to watch and Subscribe to my channel so you don't miss out on any of my Creative tutorials.

Thanks for being here and following along with me on this Creative Journey!

Warm Christian Love,


P.S. Keep Creating In Sunshine!

Monday, February 1, 2021

How to Make Creative Bible Study Notes In Your Art Journal


Greetings Friends!

I am so glad that you have found my blog post about this new project I'm participating in with my friend Alla Lily on IG.  She has invited all who want to join her to take 10 minutes a day and write in a art journal with creative study notes from our daily text scripture book.

Make your bible study time fun and relaxing by adding art to the page.  I'm documenting my journey on my YouTube channel, Markets of Sunshine.  I hope you will join us and follow along on IG using the hashtag #dailytextchalenge.  You can also follow along with me on my channel.


It's a fun way to start the habit of reading and meditating on the bible scriptures each day.  Taking 10 minutes a day will help me to stop and really think about how each verse affects my life.  


What better way to start a new habit than with friends!  We can encourage one another with our posts and get to know each other better too.  Plus, we will be learning more about our wonderful and loving God, Jehovah.  


A writing tool and a place to keep your notes.  That can be a paper journal or notebook. Or, a digital format on your computer.  It's up to you.


Try to make it a daily part of your routine. But, if you have to miss a day or just forget, don't beat yourself up.  Life is stressful enough without adding to it.  Just do your best and pick up from that day and keep moving forward.

If you don't have an IG account feel free to comment on my YouTube channel under any of the daily videos in the challenge.

If you think you want to participate and will benefit from this challenge please comment below.

We have a great and wonderful future ahead of us and what better way to keep our eye and mind focused on that promise than by daily bible study in a fun and creative way!

Warm Christian Love,

Marsha at Markets of Sunshine

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

A New Way To Make A Junk Journal With A No Sew Binding Method! #craftwithme

 So just how many ways are there to make a junk journal?  Well, I've found there are at least a dozen methods and styles to choose from.  If you're not a DIY person and would like to find out just what is a junk journal.  You may purchase one in my Etsy shop, Markets of Sunshine.  Click Here!

Follow along on my YouTube channel and #craftwithme as I show you all twelve this year (2021).

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

How To Make 2021 A Better Year Than 2020! My Top Ten List For You Will Get You Started!!

 There is an old song you may remember hearing titled, "What The World Needs Now Is Love".


It's been sung by many artists through the decades of it's debut.  Looking back on 2020 made me think of this song just about everyday of the year.  So here is my list of the ways we all can make 2021 a better year than 2020 if we do these simple yet powerful things everyday.

1.  Be Grateful.  Keeping a gratitude journal has been proven in many medical journals to reduce stress and to take the focus off the negative things happening around us.  So make or pick up a blank journal and write at least three (3) things in it that you are grateful for each day.  You'll find some beautiful handmade ones in my Etsy shop at click here >> Markets of Sunshine

2.  Show Honor.  The word honor in the Bible means to deeply appreciate and deeply respect.  We are admonished to show honor to one another and take the lead in doing so.  That means don't wait for the other person to show you honor you do it first.  So put this to practice right in your own family or with your friends.  

3.  Be Joyful.  True joy comes from God and only He can give us joy.  So how do we receive this joy?  By reading his word the Bible daily.  Since he is the "Happy God" reading a portion of his word that talks about being happy will naturally begin to rub off on us.  So take time each day to read a portion of the book of Psalms.  

4.  Complain Less.  Now this is one that might not be so easy for most of us to conquer.  But, it's at the top of the list of things to stop doing in order to live a better 2021.  Since 2020 brought the focus on life and death shouldn't we learn how to really look at the bigger picture?  The world does not revolve around us.   We are all in this together to make the world a better place!

5.  Spend Less.  I was following the Dave Ramsey budgeting system to get out of debt and pay off my credit cards.  Then the pandemic hit and financial experts said to do just the opposite.  Stop using all your extra money to pay off credit card debt.  So personally that is what I decided to do.  And, since my small business on Etsy took a huge hit and came to a screeching halt I had no other choice but to lower the amount I can pay each month.

6.  Save More.  Since 2020 taught us to remember the past and learn from history.  It did for me anyway.  Remember, 1918 saw a pandemic.  Remember 1927 saw the depression.  So what happened last year was nothing new.  It just happened before most of us were born.  We are working on a 6 month income savings plan.

7.  Compare Less.  One of the best ways to lose your joy is by comparing yourself to other's.  Someone will always have more than we do.  That's just a fact of life.  A better job.  A bigger house.  A bigger bank account.  And better health.  If we put our focus on doing better than someone else we will never be happy with what we already have.

8.  Clear Out More.  Material possessions can take over our life if we let them.  Take a good look around you and see what rooms can house a little less stuff.  Studies have shown that owning less makes us happier.  Our minds can process our surroundings better.  We don't have to clean and dust as much either.

9.  Smile More.  This has been my rule to start my day before I even get out of bed by putting a smile on my face.  I say to myself, It's a great day to be alive and serve the living and true God!  I then say a prayer of "Thanks" for being a live to see his creation another day and just enjoy those I love in my life!

10.  Be Kind More.  A random act of kindness for your neighbor means anyone and everyone around you.  By doing a kind deed for someone each day whether you know them or not will make you feel good and will surely make them feel good.  Give it a try and see how much better you start to feel.  You might even start looking for ways you can show a kind act to someone each and every blessed day!

So no matter what 2021 has in store for us (and it's already not going well) let's all make it a Better Year Together!

Sending You Sunshine,

Marsha Jaramillo

Blogger, Entrepreneur, Wife and Mother

Bonus Tip: Learn a new skill like crafting or sewing.  Follow along with me on my YouTube channel at

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Monday, January 4, 2021

300 Subscriber's Giveaway Winner's Announcement! Markets of Sunshine YouTube Channel For Crafting and Sewing Community!

 We did it!  We smashed the goal of 300 Subscribers today on Markets of Sunshine YouTube crafting and sewing community channel.  Wahoo!!

There are 5 prizes so I'll be picking 5 winners from those who follow all the rules below.

They are easy so everyone can enter.  Grand prize is a $30 store credit to be used in either one of my two Etsy shops.  Open to International and Domestic Subscriber's winner only.

Prizes 2 through 5 are open to only Domestic Subscriber winners with a USA mailing address. 

I will select the items for each winner and notify you by email address that you enter on the rafflecopter form below.


  1. Subscribe to my YouTube channel Markets of Sunshine at 
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  4. Share this blog post on your social media and tag me @marketsofsunshine
  5. Comment below about the giveaway and why you would like to win

Thanks for entering and being a part of my creative community on YouTube.

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