Sunday, February 26, 2017

Weekend Survival For Couples

What do you like best about your days off? 

For my husband and I it is filled with so many things that need to be done together.  You see I have a debilitating chronic illness which limits how much I can get done in a day.

As an artisan it is hard to stop designing and making things even on your days off.  That is because you love what you do.
But, we all need time off to let our brains do something different.

It's called R&R!

So, for us our weekends or any 2 days in a row with no secular work is like a mini vacation.  We use this time wisely.  We don't have a written schedule, but I am working on one.  That is a whole post in itself.

Instead of just sleeping the 48 hours away or being a couch potato here are some fun and productive tips that are easy to do based on your limitations.  If, I can do it, you can do it!

#1 Do Your Chores First

Put on your cutest handmade apron and get busy.

Let's be honest.  We all dread doing our chores before fun.  Am I right?!  No matter how young or old we are our mind wants to do all the fun stuff first.  Like eat our dessert first etc..

But, doing the chores first like cleaning your craft room, organize the garage or shed gives you a sense of accomplishment and takes all the pressure out of your mind.

#2 Meal Planning

Sit down together and plan out a month or week's worth of meals.  If, you are tired of the same old thing try one of the new home food delivery services like Hello Fresh.

 #3 Make Personalized Note Cards

You know all those photos you keep taking with your phone or digital camera?  Turn them into personalized note cards of your adventures and use them instead of store bought cards.

                               #4 Visit Your State Parks
Now that you've gotten all your chores done.  It's time for some fun outdoors that won't cost a fortune.  Make it a goal to visit as many state parks as you can in one year.

This topic is near and dear to my heart.  I feel like a kid again.  I don't like traveling out of the USA.  I've done it and I like keeping my feet on the ground and I like to be able to speak to the people at the businesses I frequent. 

We used to have annual passes to all the theme parks in Florida within 50 miles of us.  I know Walt Disney World parks like the back of my hand.  I am all moused out. lol

Busch Gardens, Tampa is also a very familiar stomping grounds.  My Grandmother lived right across the street.  We would walk to the corner and look both ways and then run across and use our cousins pass to get in.  Back then you could get one person in for free.  Cool right!

Personally, I just don't have a desire for them anymore.  But, I never get tired of being in nature and taking in all of God's beautiful creation.  It not only relaxes me but it reminds me of his power and love for humans.

To make it really fun we purchased the state park passport book for Florida State Parks.  Check in your state to see what they have available to make your visits more enjoyable.

Most state parks also have cabin rentals and camping sites.  So, far this year my husband and I have visited Silver Springs state park and the glass bottom boat tours.  And, Blue Springs State park where the manatee's visit in the winter months.

So, I have 2 park stamps in my passport book.  Giggle!  I am a homeland traveler of state parks. 

                                     #5 Pay It Forward

This pay-it-forward idea has been around for a very long time.  It can be any act of kindness that you choose to do for someone else.  It can be for someone you know or for someone you barely know. 

Think of a neighbor who is ill or a friend of a friend that lost their job etc...put together a little care package like the one I did with my handmade products in the photo above and gift it to them.

What makes it so cool is the fact that there is more happiness in giving love than in receiving love.  Do you know why?  Read more about it here.

Let me know if you have done any of the tips that I shared on your weekend or 2 days off from work in the comments box below.

Weekend survival for couples made easy.  Life doesn't have to be hard it just has to be productive to be enjoyed.



Friday, February 17, 2017

Is Your Pets Food Causing The Skin Issues? See What My Research Shows...

Calling all pet owners.  If you own cats or dogs with skin issues you need to read this post.  We know the cause and the solution.  Read on.
After, years of research with my own skin issues, eczema, my doctor and I were able to narrow it down to fungus and foods feeding the fungus.
 Spencer wearing his cute dog harness made by my friend Sally of Bloomingtailsdogduds

I went on a strict diet of eating no sugar or starchy foods and started using different fungus killing herbs.  After, 4 years we have finally got it under control.  Yay! 
I knew fungus can affect our pets too.  So, I changed our dog's food too so many times and the problem just kept getting worse instead of better. 
After, years of research I found a website called Nzymes and they had the answers I was looking for.  They even have a check-list you can fill out to see just what the issue is with your pet.
Finally, I had answers and they were just the same as for me. Fungus!  So, I bought one of the recommended brands on the list that I found at a local pet store. 
The cost is just the same as any other brand but the ingredients are far better.  He loves it.  It is called Fromm Gold for small dog breeds.  Not all stores carry it so head to the website above at Nzymes and you'll find their store locator helpful.

My poor Yorkie, Spencer has been having the same issues for just about as long as I have.  I also bought their protocol remedies for his the fungus and gut health.
He starts on it next week and will continue on it for life.

I also suspect there is mold and fungus in our house that we can not see. We replaced the a/c duct work years ago so I know that is not where it is coming from.  I keep the house pretty clean so I know that is not where it is coming from.  But, there is nothing I can do about it outside.
But, I can do something about it on my patio and front porch where it loves to grow.
I finally did more research and bought a product to kill all mold and fungus and it prevents any from growing back.
It is called Mold Control as you can see below.  Find it at Lowe's home improvement stores.

Mold Control
To further prove that this stuff really works we tested in the apartment that my daughter recently moved into.  It is a lovely community in Orange City, FL but it is poorly maintained.
She used teatree oil and a raft of other essential oils and made up a cleaning solution.  It helped but you could still smell mold.
After, spraying this mold control under the sinks in bathroom and kitchen it smells so much better.
I can now visit without getting a sore throat or burning itching eyes.  Yay!

If you try any of my research on your pet skin issues I would love to hear about it.  Leave me a comment below and I'll respond a.s.a.p.

Thank you for taking time to read my thoughts and happenings in my life.  I don't know much but what I do know I share!

Sending You Sunshine,

Marsha J and Spencer-buddy

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Monday, February 6, 2017

Wanted: 5 Product Tester's For Etsy Shop

I'm looking for 5 product tester's for my Etsy shop's.  If, you are interested here is the scoop to be considered for the gig.

  1.  Join my free VIP Sunshine Club newsletter 
  2.  Open and read the newsletter every week for 4 weeks
  3.  Click through to my Etsy shop's listed in the newsletter and favorite items you would like to test. 
  4.  Share my weekly blog posts to your social media by tagging me with #giftoflove2017 and #marketssunshine
 Leave a comment below telling me why you'd make a great product tester for my Etsy shops.

I will be picking my 5 tester's on March 6, 2017.

Sending You Love and Sunshine,

Marsha J.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Thinking Of Selling On Etsy? Wait! Get 40 Free Listings Here

Hello Fellow Artisan's and Vintage collector's.  Are you thinking of opening an Etsy shop in 2017?  Wait!  Use my referral link and get started with 40 free listings.  That will save you $8 in fees.  After, that it is only .20 a listing for 4 months.  That is .05 a month.  You can't beat that.
 I started my first shop on Etsy in 2008, Markets of Sunshine.  I changed the name twice since I started.  That is all part of your branding your shop.
I now have 4 shops on Etsy and have finally come to understand the ends and outs of selling successfully.  Be sure to read the seller handbook from cover to cover before you even open your shop.
Here are a few simple tips for you to get started on the right foot.
  1. Pick your business name that relates to the product you will be selling.
  2. Open an email account with that same business name.
  3. Get a legal state license and local license (over 65 are exempt)
  4. Take awesome photos of your products in natural soft light.  You'll need 5 of each product from different angles and settings.
  5. Learn what SEO means and how to pick the best title and tags for each listing. (get my free ebook when you sign up for my newsletter that tells you the best source for this step)
  6. Use my link to open your Etsy shop and get 40 free listings 
It really is easy once you follow these steps.  I also can direct you to an awesome Etsy team that will help you every step of the way to make your shop a success.  
Again, sign-up for my VIP Sunshine Club newsletter and I'll share the team link with you.  

I wanted to give a big Thank You! to all who supported our first annual Last Chance Sale event we held on 1/27/17 to 1/30/17.  It was a huge success.
To get notified of our next big event sign-up for our VIP Sunshine Club newsletter today.

Sending You Sunshine,
Marsha J.
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