Saturday, August 29, 2015

Markets of Sunshine Gift of the Month Club

October will kick off our new and improved gift of the month club subscription by mail.  If you have not signed up for it yet you can do so by sending us your paypal email address to our email address at

It will include 2 full size handmade products for a cost of $30 includes shipping in the U.S. only.  International shipping will be extra.  Send us your country and we will send you the price for shipping to your location.

Sign-up for our newsletter and get a sneak peak of one of the items that will be in the October collection.  You won't want to miss getting it!  Supplies are limited, so hurry and reserve your box by signing up and paying your invoice today!

We will feature all occasion gifts for men, women and children.  From time to time we will include a freebie for your dog or cat.  The gifts will be eco-friendly and safe for anyone to use.  Visit our vendor classified page to find out what kinds of products you might receive in your subscription box.

Markets of Sunshine Etsy Team Handmade Gifts
Something Blue! This is a collection of some lovely gifts by the Markets of Sunshine Etsy Team, in my favorite color, Blue! Take a look and please show some love to these wonderful shop owners!
Snowflake Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing - 1 Dozen
Blue Glitter Ball Necklace - Bright Blue Polymer Clay Necklace - Short Beaded Silver Chain Necklace - Blue Crystal Beaded Necklace
Shawl, Crochet Shawl,Swanky Shawl, Sequins, Handmade, Evening Shawl, Summer Shawl, Gift idea,
Bow Tie for Small Dogs & Cats - Made to Order, Sky Blue with Daisy and Duck Buttons, Fastens with Velcro - Pomeranian
Silver Plated, Jewelry, Bracelet, Glass beads,  Mother of  Pearl, Magnetic Clasp, Handmade, Weddings, gift for her, bridesmaid gift, wedding
Girls 18-24 Months Trendy Appliqued  Sweatshirt and Matching Pants Handmade - Size 18-24 Months Girls Handmade Shirt and Pant Set Fall
DIY Tote Bag Kit , Nancy Drew Tote Bag Kit, DIY Kit, Nancy Drew, Limited Edition, Retired Fabric, Party Favor, Organizing Bag, Book Bag
Blue Butterfly Car Mirror Charm for Rear View Mirror - Gifts For Her - Personalized Gifts
Lip Balm, Natural, Natural Lip Balm, cosmetics, Organic Lip Balm, Organic, Vegan Lip Balm, beauty, women, gift for her, weddings
Polymer Clay Beaded Bracelet with Purple and Aqua Handmade Polymer Beads
Blue Pitcher and Basin - Boleslawiec Pottery Circles and Leaves Blue and Red Design
Lapghan, throw, wheelchair, Home Decor, crochet, handmade, shell stitch, acrylic, afghan, blanket, gift, wedding gift, housewarming gift
Quality Solid Sterling Silver Ring - Size 7
Zip Bible Cover - Turquoise Blue Leather - Pocket Size New World Translation 2013
Formal Dog Bow Tie - Perfect Male Dog's Match to Turquoise Party Dress with Sequins, Oh So Gorgeous!
Girls Skirt Organic Cotton Cute Owl Theme White 18-24 Months - Organic Baby Skirt - Baby Girl Gift Organic Cotton Ready to Ship

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Improve Your Posture With Easy Stretching Exercises

Years ago I injured my shoulder muscles and was not given the proper exercise routine to repair the muscles so they tightened and would easily get reinjured causing me much pain over and over again.

I stumbled upon an exercise routine while watching my local PBS station that has transformed my life.  I suffer from Lyme disease and a raft of other illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, Celiacs disease and thyroid disorder just to name a few. 
I immediately started doing them while I watched the program.  I researched the instructor and found 19 videos she did on You Tube.  Here they are, just click and get started today.
For the last five years my right arm and shoulder could not reach around my back to attach the bra.  My right hand could not sit on my hip.  But, after just 1 week of doing these stretches daily I can now put my hand on my hip.  I am also standing up straighter. 
When I can finally reach my bra to take it off I will be jumping for joy.  They are super easy to do and only take about 30 minutes a day to do.  If you have been suffering from poor posture, back or shoulder pain like I have you'll be amazed at what stretching can do to improve these problems.

Happy Stretching!  Watch Video

Natural Corner
How to make a natural  underarm deodorant.  Mix 5 tablespoons organic coconut oil and 1 tablespoon gluten free baking soda.  Apply with qtip and discard.  No more odor and it is healthy for you.

Recipe Corner
Japanese Sweet Potato is a new variety that I discovered and wanted to share it with you too.

I first wash and boil the sweet potato with the skin on for about 30 minutes.  I then remove the skin and fry in organic olive oil until they get this golden brown crunchy coating.  These potatoes are a light yellow not the orange color of garnet sweet potatoes.  The flavor is not sweet and the texture is not as creamy. 
They taste more like a white potato and are a little dry but not as dry as a white potato. 

Enjoy! the new experience of Japanese Sweet Potato

Friday, August 7, 2015

Share Markets of Sunshine Get $10 When Your Friends Order Ships

Everyone loves to get free money!  Markets of Sunshine is giving away $10 store cash when your friend signs up for our newsletter and spends $20 on their first order with us now through August 30th 2015.

Sign-up for our newsletter and refer your friend to the same sign-up form.  If you are already a subscriber then just refer them and give them the link to this post.

Email us their name in our Etsy shop Markets of Sunshine FL and when they shop we will send you your $10 credit to use in our shop.  Shop credit has to be used within 30 days after receiving.

Click the words newsletter or Markets of Sunshine in this post to sign-up!

Nature's Corner

Homemade Toothpaste - Ingredients needed are simple, organic coconut oil and gluten free baking soda.  Both found at your health food store or online at places like Vitacost.  (great place to save big)

Mix 5 parts coconut oil and 1 part baking soda (5 teaspoons to 1 teaspoon) in a glass jar with lid. (baby food jar works great) works great on your dogs teeth as well.  * Note: * If you are allergic to any of these ingredients then do not use them. 

Pet Corner

Stop itchy skin on your dog with organic coconut oil daily.  Add 1/2 teaspoon to small dogs food or 1 teaspoon to big dogs food daily and watch their dry itchy skin vanish! ** Note: **  Check with your vet before trying this on your pet.  (We do not make any claims that this will work for all kinds of skin problems.