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Adulting Reward System For Organizing Your Home Challenge #1

Adulting Reward System For Organizing Your Home Challenge 

#1 Tea Aromatherapy

Did you grow up with a reward system?  You know the poster board looming on a wall so you could check off the chores you were supposed to do each day.  Did you like it?  Was it motivating?  Leave a comment below letting me know and whether you implemented your own for your children.

I grew up with a reward system.  It was a chart on the wall with our names and a list of chores we were to do each day of the week.  If we completed our chore for the day without being told we got a gold star for that day.  At, the end of the week we got a reward that my Mom picked out for us.
It could be going to Dairy Queen and getting our favorite ice cream.  Or, a trip to the toy store for a special toy we had been wanting.  So, I was good at getting my chores done so I could get my reward. 
Once, I became a Mother I realized that having a reward system was a good thing.  So, I researched different types and found one that worked for my daughter.  Since, she is an only child it was pretty easy to give her a few little chores to do, mainly in her room.  It worked good and she was able to earn her own money.  But, with money comes responsibility.   So, I taught her how to manage her money at a young age.  It has paid off big time.  She now uses my Cash Envelope System and has paid off her car a few months early.  She only has one credit card and only uses it for emergencies.
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Now that we are adults who rewards us for getting a job done?  No one, right!  So, let's fix that.

For our little organizing challenge for 2019 we need to reward ourselves for getting our chores done each day, week and month.  The good news is you get to come up with your rewards list.  
Pretty cool, right?

I'm going to post my rewards list one at a time throughout the months to give you ideas of what you can put on your rewards list.  There is no one micro-managing your list and looking over your shoulder so don't feel guilty at all.

You deserve this and you need to reward yourself for completing this challenge.

Adult Reward #1
Tea Aromatherapy

Now, you can do this one of two ways.  For me it is going to be stove top tea aromatherapy. 
 But, for you it can be tea Bath aromatherapy.  No matter which way you decide to use your tea aromatherapy it will make your house smell wonderful and make you feel relaxed.  
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And, let's face it, after a day of cleaning and organizing we need both. 

So, here is what you will need to make your tea aromatherapy adult reward.
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1.  pick out your favorite blend of organic tea 

2.  Get out a large 4 quart pot

3.  Fill the pot to the top leaving 2 inches of boil room

4.  Put the lid on and bring it to a rolling boil

5.  Turn the temperature down to medium so you keep a low boil

6.  Remove the lid and add one tea bag at a time

7.  Once you start to smell the fragrance you can keep adding the number of bags until you get the desired result of filling your house with tea aromatherapy.

8.  Add lemon slices, cut up fruit, vanilla, cinnamon extract etc...

Now, to make this easy as pie.  Let's come up with a whole list of rewards at one time for the first month,  January.  Get out a piece of lined paper 8.5 x 11 inches.  Take about 20 minutes to complete your list.  You want this to be good.  Don't  rush this process.

Now, here is the hard part.  Don't ask anyone else what to put on your reward list.  This is your reward so you don't need anyone telling you what you deserve.  I mean that.  Don't ask Anyone!!!

Set a timer and come back once you are done with your list.

Are you done yet?  

Now, you get to decide how you are going to reward yourself each day after you finish your chore.  Or, are you going to wait until the end of the week or month.  That's totally up to you.  You are in charge of this adult reward system for our 2019 Organizing Challenge.

Want to join the challenge?  

Easy as 1, 2, 3.

You'll get my free printable worksheet via email once you sign-up here:

Welcome to the 2019 Organizing Challenge!

Sending You Sunshine,

Marsha J.



  1. Oh I LOOOOOVE this idea! There are so many things in self-care that point out the importance of taking a little time out for ourselves, as rewards for pushing through...but I know I don't do it nearly often enough, the little day-to-day things. Thank you!!! #heartandsoullinkup

    1. Flossie I'm so glad it helped you see the importance of self-care. Rewards for Adults is just as important as it is for kids. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on my post.