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A goal can start for a million different reasons, and we always know how it begins, but we never expect the wonderful, life-changing events that happen along its way. We start to work on it with hope and humbleness, step by step, celebrating each little victory we found, and feeling grateful by every helping hand that wants to be a part of it.

When it’s been a while and we look back on time, we realize that all of the sacrifices, all of the plans and all of the challenges were worth it, because we get something much bigger in reward: Our strength, our steadfastness, and the discovery of our love for what we do. That’s what happened to me since I founded Markets Of Sunshine, in 2010.

Back in that moment, **after finding out I suffered from Lyme disease**, I just wanted to find a road, a relief and a form to give back into people, while also offering the best of my abilities and talents. I’ve always known organization can be stressful, so why not help take that out of the equation for others? And it became my purpose: To give you accessories which simplify your life, allowing you to keep track of your objectives without becoming a mess in the middle.

Markets Of Sunshine produces handcrafted laminated wallets, cash envelopes, planner inserts, checkbook cases and gift envelopes, all based on custom orders! Just tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll create one for you.
We’re firm perfectionists and we look out for quality on everything we do, but we don’t compromise Earth’s goods. Eco-friendliness is more than a label for us, it means one of our work values, as all our materials are sustainable and come from non-toxic resources; thus reducing the carbon footprint and contributing to give a brand new life to otherwise forgotten supplies.

But what we dream to deliver you, every time a package from Markets Of Sunshine comes at your door, is to provide you a tool that will make you get your accomplishments done, smoothly and effortlessly; while including your style in your day by day. It’s our passion, and we’re just getting started on it.

Does this sound like a cause you want to support?  😊 We'd love to send you some of our handmade and vintage gifts!  CLICK HERE to visit our Markets Of Sunshine shop,   CLICK HERE to visit our PioneerFunraiser shop.

Sending You Sunshine!

P.S.   Don't forget to Just Ask! any questions you have about our products or to place a custom order.

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