Sunday, August 31, 2014

Markets of Sunshine First Vendor Event at Dr. Munchies & Event Pictures

Supporting Lyme Disease Awareness

Promoting Health and Education for Children

Educating on the Benefits of Eco-Friendly Living

and an Organic Lifestyle

While Supporting Women in Small Business

Across the USA!

I wanted to share the pictures with you of our first event yesterday at Dr. Munchies in Orange City, FL.  I had a great time meeting all the vendors and getting to know them a little better.  The holiday weekend stole our thunder but we did manage to get at least a dozen families to support us.  They each went home with one of our goodie bags filled with samples from our vendors.

The remaining swag bags were distributed to some of our vendor's for their clients, local businesses and home owners in the community!  I call that success in my book!
Here are pictures of the vendors and their displays.  If you would like to support our vendors, please contact them directly on their websites listed below.  You don't have to live in Florida to shop with them or join their team.  
We are also available to do an event at your business, so please contact us if you are interested in being one of our Sponsor's in the community.  Email us at

                                         Sunshine Photography

                                          Pure Romance
                                          Beauty Control
                                          South Hill Design
                                          Trades of Hope
                                          Origami Owl
                                              Basil growing in aeroponic Tower Garden
                                                Tower Garden
                                                Mary Kay, Lemongrass, ItWorks, Avon
Markets of Sunshine will be having events monthly in the community.  If you would like to get your products in our swag bags, please visit our 'Advertise With Us' page for further details and prices.
Visit our Calendar of Events page for upcoming shows!

Sending You Sunshine!


Monday, August 25, 2014

Family Fun Day Women's Show: Orange City, FL

Have you been to the Southern Women's Show in your state?  It really is a great experience and you look forward to it year after year.  Well, Markets of Sunshine is taking the idea behind their event and reducing it down to a mini women's show of our own.
We'll be showering the community with DIY Crafts, Pampering Stations and Learning Centers.  We love to educate as well as pamper our guests.  You'll learn Lyme Awareness and ways you can prevent getting Lyme disease.
You'll also learn how you can support your local foster care group: Community Partnership for Children.  Plus, we'll teach you a fun craft that is eco-friendly and useful for the whole family!
                                                       Sneak Peak in our goodie bag!
                                           Lemongrass Spa goodies will be in the goody bags:

                             Tea Tree Face Soap (great for oil and acne), popular Healing Elements Balm

                                             (dozens of uses including ezcema and diaper rash),

                              Spearmint Eucalyptus or Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Hand and Body Bar Soap, 

                                          plus a coupon for $5 OFF every $25 spent ($10 off $50, etc

We would like to offer our 'Thanks' to all the companies that have helped us advertise our event.  
Dr. Munchies our gracious Sponsor
Volusia Parent Magazine
The Deland Beacon
Central Florida Top 5
The Pennysaver online
The Beacon online
Mary Jane's Farm forum
Volusia Regional Chamber of Commerce
Etsy Events & Teams
How Does Your Garden Grow!
Now I have something really eco-friendly and awesome that I want to share with you this week!
Are you ready!
Introducing the one the only: Aqua Farm!

                                          In just one week this is how fast the wheat grass has                                                                                 grown!  The back row is basil and they too have just
                                          begun to sprout!
                                          Below is our newest member of the family: Beta!
                                          Cleo is soon to get his own elite hotel tank and farm.
                                          So, stay tuned for an upcoming sequiel to Aqua Farm!
                                          Pick up your Aqua Farm at a local pet shop near you!

                                                               Sending You Sunshine!


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Florida Vendor Events: Lyme Disease Awareness, Foster Care, Sustainable Living!

Markets of Sunshine vendor events is about educating the community in three categories.  Lyme disease, foster care and sustainable living.  Why Lyme disease?  I have chronic Lyme and know first hand how it turns your life upside down overnight.
The first 3 years of your treatment make you wish you were dead.  Then suddenly you see the light at the end of the tunnel.  You're not going to die, you are going to live!  And, better yet, you want to live!
I have a mission to help people with Lyme to learn how to think positive and find true happiness!
If you live in Florida and want to join my Facebook group of families and get support for surviving and thriving with Lyme disease,

Markets of Sunshine supports the local foster community called Community Partnership for Children.  Join them on Sept. 27th for their fishing tournament! click here  
Current Cover of MaryJanesFarm magazine

Sustainable living became my passion over 15 years ago!  Not long after I converted to this healthy lifestyle I found Mary Jane's Farm Magazine, shown above! 
To subscribe to this organic lifestyle magazine, click here!
Get your copy at our event on August 30th in Orange City, FL.  We'll be at Dr. Munchies serving up the latest and greatest in direct sales products!  So, come on out and support women in small business and your community!
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Support our vendors from all over the U.S.A. on our
 Vendor Classified page, click here!
Want to be in one of our monthly events?  It's easy
as 1, 2, 3 just click here to get started!
All current vendors get first pick at all of our events.
Join them and get in on the hottest vendor events in Florida!

Sending You Sunshine!


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Growing Bolder: How Does Honey Benefit Your Health?

Before, I begin my post today, I just want to take a moment and say my heart goes out to the family of Robin Williams, who died at the young age of 63.  People with depression feel there is no hope and that things will never get better.  I want to say that there is always hope and that things are going to get better to any who are feeling despair, please know God cares and he is going to end all suffering soon!  Don't give up and don't loose hope!  There is always help and hope.  And, there are people who do care!
Please, read these articles on suicide prevention, click here and here .  These two articles give hope based on God's word.   Photo: If you are depressed, get help. If you know someone who is depressed, reach out.
                                                          Honey Goodness!
I've been a big fan of eating organic foods and making healthy choices for over 30 years. I stopped eating white sugar, cane sugar and corn syrup after I was diagnosed with low blood sugar at the age of 18.
 Back then there were not many choices for sugar-free other than honey and fructose. So, I started using them both in my baking and found they started to really make things taste better than they did before.
 I now have type 2 diabetes and control it by diet and exercise. My weight is below normal so no worries there, but I did need to get more exercise since I am basically a home bound person due to my  chronic Lyme disease.
 So, I walk daily for at least 15 minutes as well as do stretching exercises for about 5 minutes every day. One of the many uplifting pages I like to follow on Facebook is Dr. Anna Marie and Growing Bolder. Recently, Dr. Anna Marie had a post about honey and the benefits it offers to your health.
 Here it is, click here to watch or the video below and you'll be amazed at all the things honey is good for. Who knew?!

I have been having sleep issues since I hit menopause.  Then, our a/c went out and we had to put in window units.  These two combinations have put my sleep pattern way off balance.  My mind will not turn off because of all the noise.  I only get about 2 hours a real sleep a night and some nights I don't event know if I do sleep because I toss and turn all night!
After, watching this video I was so excited to hear that honey can help relax you so you can sleep.  Well, with my diabetes I can't take it every day but occasionally won't hurt me.  So, I took 1/8 of a teaspoon after I ate lunch and then took my nap and slept for 1 1/2 hours!  Yippie!
Give it a try and let me know if it helps you sleep or in any of the ways it mentions in the video.
This is a honey of a deal!
Shop Local, Buy Handmade!  Support Women in small business!
                              Let's Party!  In-Home or Online! 
Visit our Vendor Classified Page and use your VIP Coupon found in our newsletter!

Grow Your Business!
Visit our Advertise With Us page and let us help you grow your business with one of our many affordable promotion packages!
Our prices will be increasing next year and require a one year contract.  You can lock in your fees at the current rate by signing a one year contract with me by October 1, 2014!
We are adding some major improvements to our events and services that will be exclusive to Markets of Sunshine clients!
Supporting Lyme Disease Awareness
Promoting Community Partnership for Children
Educating on the Benefits of Eco-Friendly Living
While Supporting Women in Small Business
Across the USA!

Sending You Sunshine!


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Vendor Event Give-A-Way Drawing!

Do you love surprises?  Everyone does and so do we at Markets of Sunshine!  So, to get you all excited about our upcoming vendor event on August 30, 2014 in Orange City, FL  I am announcing the first in a series of surprises that we will be having at our event.
Watch my video and find out how you can enter and what you can win!

Swag Bag Promotion For Direct Sales Companies!
If you are in direct sales you know that there are not too many vendor events for you to take part in other than the Farmer's Market.  But, they only take one rep. from each company so if you weren't the first one to get a spot you are out in the cold.
That is why we offer our swag bag promotions for anyone in the USA that sells a home party product or a handmade craft product.  You don't have to set up and drag all of your stuff to a local event to get the word out about your products.  
Just sign-up for our swag bag promotion and we will make sure that your samples are given out to shopper's at our events!
Visit our Advertise With Us page and sign-up now!  I am taking vendors until Aug. 15, 2014 for our Aug. 30th event.  I will open up the application for the September event on Aug. 16, 2014.
It can't get any easier than that!  So what are you waiting for, sign up today!

Free Advertising Opportunity
Everyone who joins my vendor events will get one week of free advertising on my website for one week.  All August vendors will get one free week the first week of September.  It's just my way of saying 'Thanks' for supporting my business!

Have you been to our vendor classified page recently?  We have been adding new shops each month.  All of our newsletter subscriber's received a VIP coupon code to use for 'free shipping' in the USA last week.  If you missed the code, don't worry it will be in this weeks newsletter too!
Do your part and support women in small business here in the USA!

Recipe of the Week
Get rid of scars easily with this all natural skin care formula.  
1 teaspoon organic honey
1 teaspoon organic cinnamon
1 teaspoon vitamin E oil
1 teaspoon nutmeg
Apply to the skin each night after to a freshly washed face.

Let us know how it works for you!

Sending You Sunshine!