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Adult Reward System #7- How To Reach Your Ideal Weight Easily

                        Adult Reward System #6
How to reach your ideal weight is a challenge for most of us.

Whether we want to lose weight or gain neither is an easy task.

I'd say that the majority of women are trying to lose weight.

There is an easy way and it does require exercise.  I know the dreaded word.  But, don't knock it until you've tried it.  There are so many forms of exercise that you can do to help you lose those extra pounds you put on after a baby or after going on a few too many cruise ship vacations.

True Story:

When I found out I was pregnant with my first child I weighed 114 pounds.  I am 5'6" tall so the doctor informed me that I needed to gain 50 pounds.  I laughed!  I was 27 years old and 114 pounds was the most I'd weighed.  I was always getting bronchitis and tonsillitis or some other lung infection.

With ever illness I would lose 5 pounds.  But, I would put it back on in a short time period.  Anyway, back to my story.  Well as it turned out I gained 60 pounds with the pregnancy.  It didn't really show though.  It was majority water weight.  I had edema so badly that my shoe size went from a 7 1/2 to a 10.  So, I went from 114 pounds to 174 pounds in 9 months.  Yikes!

Fast forward 9 months later when my beautiful daughter arrived on November 2, 1990.  She weighed 6 pounds 9 ounces.  I was in the hospital 3 days.  On the day I left I weighed 126 pounds. I lost 48 pounds minus what my daughter weighed.

Time travel with me 8 years later to 1998.  I was pregnant again but did not know it because I didn't stop having a period this time around.  I was actually having a miscarriage and didn't know it.  Well one day I was trying on swimsuits at the mall with my sister-n-law and I went to the rack and picked out my size 8 that I wore and it didn't fit.  I could get the bottoms up much less the top on.

I had my sister-n-law bring me another size 8 and same thing happened.  LOL  Well at this point I looked at myself in the mirror and said to her....Could you come over here and tell me what's wrong with me?

She fell over laughing so hard that she could barely stand up.  She said:  "When did you gain all that weight"!  I said I don't have a clue.  ROFL

Long story short I did go to the doctor and found out I had a miscarriage.  But, now I weighed 170 pounds and could not get rid of the weight.  The thing I remember that bothered me the most was the way my shorts would ride up between my legs and I'd have to keep pulling them down.

I said to myself, "How in the world do women stand this"!

About that time a friend of mine who had been trying to lose weight came across a book through a friend called: "Eat Right For Your Blood Type" by Dr. D. Adamo.  She got me to join her as a support and motivator to try the program out for 30 days.

I found out my blood type and got a copy of the book.  It was a game changer and a life changer for me.  We bought a pair of tennis rackets and took our daughter's along with us to the courts.  We were a comedy routine in the beginning.

Chasing the ball all over the court.  Bending up and down to pick it up 50 thousand times within 2 hours. Anyone could lose weight with this sport I said.

And, about 3 months later I weighed 138 pounds.  That was my ideal weight that I needed to be after the first pregnancy.  But, it took a second one to help me to reach it.  For me it was obvious a hormone issue as to why I could not gain weight my whole life.

Metal to the Pedal........Fast forward to December 2004.  We were on a camping trip to my favorite place in Georgia.  Fresh mountain air.  Cool crisp mornings.  It was my little paradise vacation spot.

Well, it turned into a nightmare on May 30, 2005.  Little did I know that little tiny ticks called, deer ticks carry a deadly debilitating disease called, Lyme disease and I had it.  I lost 40 pounds in 6 months from my body shutting down from the illness invading my blood stream and organs.  I lost down to 98 pounds. 

On the road to recovery...

I'm not going to bog you down with the stressful details. I'm done with that part of my life.  I am past it and am happy to still be alive and getting better day by day.  I am going to tell you what has helped me regain my life and helped me get off of RX medicines and over the counter ones too.

It's been a combination of holistic, homeopathic, herbal and now functional medicine to be exact.  My newest doctor is a God send, no doubt about it.  I pray for guidance and then do the research until I find the exact kind of doctor I need.  I've found that for me the best kind of physician for Lyme disease is a medical doctor that incorporates alternative treatment through natural remedies from the best sources.

I've had various kinds of testing done too.  The best by far are the ones that use your body chemistry as a basis.  Such as urine, blood, saliva, hair and nails.

So here's the scoop...To reach your ideal weight you have to do these easy things daily. (Get my full program in a pdf format here)

#1 - Start off your morning with a protein shake that is organic and not full of refined sugar.

#2 - Get the book, Eat Right For Your Blood Type and follow it

#3 - Get some kind of exercise weekly in the fresh air if possible (consult your doctor if you have health problems)

#4 - Get plenty of sleep (before 11 p.m. if possible)

#5 - Get off sugar, caffeine, processed and refined foods

Bonus Tip:

#6 - Trade your RX drugs for natural medicine from a functional medicine doctor

Now here's the Adult Reward System part.  For every one of the things on my list that you accomplish give yourself a reward.  It can be anything that doesn't sabotage your goal of reaching your ideal weight.

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What holds you back from reaching your ideal weight?  Talk to me in the comments box below.

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