Friday, January 8, 2016

Selling On Etsy - Markets of Sunshine - Part 1 #Etsy #MOSGiftClub

Selling On Etsy: Markets Of Sunshine - Part 1 

Etsy has been in business since 2005. You can imagine how many shops must be open on Etsy right now, featuring all sorts of handmade crafts with intricate and unique designs. However, it is not only about finding the right item on the market, there are a whole lot of options from which you can do that on Etsy. Products are there and finding them is not so difficult. Finding the perfect curator or artist is usually the goal of each customer.
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 You want a lasting relationship with the seller to enjoy the full experience of your product. You want to know why you should go back to the same artist. You want to be satisfied not just by the product, but by the value of service that you receive.

MarketsOf Sunshine is a company that was started in 2010 and has grown to be a very large enterprise. Markets Of Sunshine is one of Etsy's highest ranking stores in terms of sales and recognition. It has become a household name in may places. The services provided by the company are top notch and this has made Marsha, the founder of Markets Of Sunshine, very popular among people who frequent Etsy.

What Markets Of Sunshine does is that they provide a sales and marketing platform for other smaller businesses. This is a valued service that has become more and more popular in the recent years. Basically, if you have a product that you wish to sell, you partner up with Markets Of Sunshine and they drive your product into the market through many avenues.

The most notable marketing technique employed by Markets Of Sunshine is perhaps where they take your product directly to the market by way of free samples. The samples themselves are contained in great packaging and a lovely, personal touch to them. Within the packaging is also the contact information of the company that made the product, so that the individual who receives the product can easily contact you if they want more of the product. The person who receives the sample also gets to review the product as well as take photos (voluntarily of course) with the product in hand, for posting on social media platforms run by Markets Of Sunshine.
                                          Gifts to Debbie's Health Food employees Orange City, FL

Social media is of course the other marketing strategy used to drive the sale of your brand and product. To join the Markets Of Sunshine VIP club, subscribe for the newsletter at and watch your company grow.

In 2016 Markets of Sunshine is expanding their marketing and taking it to a personal level by offering their existing customer's who shop with them on Etsy the chance to win a free handmade gift each month in their monthly give-a-way drawing.

January's gift is a fun book themed stationery set.  To enter the drawing shop with Markets of Sunshine's Etsy shop!

Next, week in Part 2 we will feature another successful Etsy shop promoted by Markets of Sunshine. Stay tuned!

Sending You Sunshine!

Marsha J