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Clever Uses For A Travel Wallet

Travel Wallets, Are A Must Accessories To Add To Your Packing List

Most women carry a wallet or purse with them to keep cash, credit cards and a checkbook organized.  I have a main wallet that I use and keep all of my essentials inside along with one of my laminated envelope wallets.  I prefer the snap closure so I can take it out and carry it alone and leave the bulky fabric wallet in my purse.  I use a key fob to carry my keys around my wrist and my laminated wallet to carry my money and receipts.  

Carrying a heavy purse can put your back and should out of alignment.  I have a zippered bag in side my car that I keep my purse in while I am inside the store.  The car is locked and my contents are safe inside.  

   Clever Uses For A Travel Wallet

One of the most amazing ways to use a travel wallet is to bring your favorite tea bags and sweetener in on your travels.  Let's face it.  Those boring black teas you get served at every food joint is full of caffeine and is not for a true tea connoisseur. I only drink organic beverages and purified water.  So, I bring along my own in the car with me in an insulated food bag.

I keep my tea wallet in my purse filled with my favorite blend of tea from Tealightfultea
Visit my website to pick up one of these organic hand blended teas in a variety of flavors.
I also use the natural tea bags to put the loose leaf tea inside and then pop it inside my tea wallet.  You can wrap each tea bag in cotton cloth to keep it clean if you are a little concerned about that kind of thing.

Another clever use for a travel wallet is to have it personalized and fill it with the recipients favorite goodies or gift card.  No one could ever mistake this beautiful wallet for theirs when they see a special name and date on the outside. 

We add the lettering to the material before we laminate them.  So, it can't be taken off.  It's there to stay!

Another, fun way to use a travel wallet is to save up for your vacation.  Maybe you are planning a trip to Europe or a little town in the USA that is styled like a Bavarian style village in Europe, like my favorite mountain town of Helen, GA

 There are waterfalls to hike to and trails to explore in the woods.  Tons of little mom and pop shops nestled in the countryside towns surrounding Helen that will make you fall in love and want to come back to visit year after year.

You'll find an wide variety of travel wallets at Markets Of Sunshine a charming little shop that I curate since 2008.   

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