Wednesday, October 21, 2020

DIY Gift Ideas #2 - Matchbook Notepads - Zero Waste Eco-Friendly Crafting Gifts

 We're all looking for unique ways to save money on purchases in 2020 since it's very clear that you never know what tomorrow will bring.  COV-19 has certainly taught us that lesson in the 21st century.  And we also need some fun activities to do inside since that is where most of us have to be anyway.  Why not make the most of this whole quarantine thing together!

This is a ten part video series on using up your craft supplies to make beautiful gifts for care packages or happy mail to send friends and family this year.  I'll show you easy DIY eco-friendly crafting gift ideas that you will be proud to give anyone.  

These cute matchbook notepads will help you use up those small left over paper scraps in your stash and clean up your craft room at the same time.  It's a zero waste win for everyone!

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