Friday, October 16, 2020

How To Make Envelope For Cards Without Spending Any Money On Supplies

 Sustainable crafting might be a new concept to most out there in the handmade world.  But, there is a way for any DIY project to be made without spending any money on supplies.  How you ask?  I'm happy to share this easy way to make some beautiful gifts just by using up junk mail and packaging you already have in your home.

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Before I get to the "how to" part of this post.  Let me give you a little bit of information about my background and how I came to be a creative soul.  Well it all started back in grade school in art class.  If you're from the baby boomer generation like I am then you probably remember those times with fond memories.  I know I sure do.

Well year after year I'd make something fun and pretty and bring it home to my Mom.  She loved each and every item that I made no matter how simple it might have been to make.  She still has them to this day displayed all around her bedroom.  

Fast forward to becoming a Mom myself and having my daughter and wanting to share with her my love of making things with my own two hands was a dream come true.  What I could not teach her myself and for the sake of her having social interaction with other children her own age.  As an only child and being home schooled she needed that association very much.

A group of my friends were also teaching their children at home so we formed a group and would meet once a week so the children could interact with different age groups outside of their own home.  We found places that taught young children age 6 and up to hand sew, paint, draw and other fun crafts.

It was in that group of 8 families that I really was able to express my love for teaching.  I taught sign language and crafts class to ages 5 to 13 for 7 years.  I also was hired to teach different adult classes about crafts and how to use website applications over a video conference platform.

I now teach what I've learned on my YouTube channel through video tutorials.  I'll explain how you can make beautiful gifts with supplies you already have on hand in the video below.  Click the button to watch it now.

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