Monday, May 6, 2013

Markets of Sunshine's Feature Shop is Kalliescotton

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Featured vendor this week is Kallie from Kalliescotton! Learn what she has to offer in the interview below.

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Featured Artist is Kallie from Kalliescotton

1. Do you blog, twitter, facebook or participate in any other social networking?   If so how can we find you on-line.?    
How has it helped your business?
Yes, I use social networks and yes it has helped to get noticed. You can find me on several sites. this is a really great site.

I have been getting lots of facebook likes from these two places and they are clicking into my etsy shop

2. What has been your biggest challenge as an independent shop owner?

My biggest challenge was having faith in what I do, I didnt know anything about selling online I had to teach myself. I have had lots of fun learning how to sell online and I am always staying open to new things as they come.
3. Do you have any advice for aspiring artists or shop owners?

Just dont give up on yourself and keep putting goals in front of you to reach

Contest Gift!
 We will have two winners!
Kallie will be giving away a brand new Item from her shop...A microwave cozy bowl potholder!!!

Photo: I made me and my husband a set of microwave bowl cozy potholders today and they are so cute and our bowls fit in them really good.
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