Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Waving goodbye to chilly February and Hello to windy March!

Snowflake: Did this month fly by or what! I hope you have been using one of the weekly planners from our member Jeanpatchbymk to keep up with this fast moving year of 2012!

Being organized is the key to success in any busy homemakers life. Not to mention in any busy crafters and artists life too. Let's check in with our roaming reporter and see who is in the spotlight this week.

Sunshine: Wow! Where did February go is right! Things are really moving fast and with excitment in the co-op this year. Each week we have a new featured members shop to share with you. And, this week we are happy to introduce one of our talented artists.

Let's give a warm farm girl welcome to: Essence of the South! Woohoo!!!!

Here is an interview I conducted with Becky. I hope you will stop by the craft show this week and buy some of her goodies and see what else we have to offer from other Etsy team members.

1. How did you come to open your Etsy shop?

My friend April told me all about her store. Then one of my sons opened his store and then I wanted to open one for myself. My work has been slowing down and my husband is disabled and needed to do something for income. And now the rest is history!
In fact I have recently opened a second store to feature my raw, organic honey products. I am a honeybee keeper, and have been for several years. My other store is Hillsidebees.

2. What do you enjoy best about your work?

I love to paint and be creative. I love creation. It has a calming effect on me and I want to put my love into the things that I create. I am enjoying it more and more!
I want to get better and better. I know that will take time.

3. Where can folks find you online?

My shop is,

4. Can you share a DIY craft project with our members?
Crochet Pot holders project! Level of experience:Beginners and up....

A craft project I can think of is when I crochet. A fun project is to make my own cotton pot holders using cotton yarn and do single and double crochet in a square pattern the size that I want. Then make another one the same size and put together so that it is thick. Using multi-colored yarn makes it look great and gives it depth.

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  1. We did 2 sales this week in our Southern themed treasury! Woo Hoo! Great job team!

    I know you all are having a great time supporting our 'green' team!

    Congrats to our sellers!