Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Co-op News Week of February 13th!

Snowflake: Brrrr!!!! Is all I can say for here in the North country with temps dropping below zero!!! I hear they are having a heat wave where Sunshine lives with temps last night in the 30's!!!
Are you ready for what we have in store for you this week? Let's check-in with our roaming reporter Sunshine and see what's up her sleeve!

Sunshine: Brrr! is right for us sunny Floridians, these past few days have been like taking us out of the sauna and putting us in the freezer! Yikes! In the meantime, let me share with you the exciting news for this week at the co-op. As you know each week I feature a different artist's shop in a treasury on Etsy. This week we are happy to feature our very own Snowflake!!! Yay!!!
Let's start off with an interview I conducted with Joanna of Country Cents aka Snowflake!

1: How long have you been working from home?
I have always done some work from home. . . for as long as I can remember. After injuring my back, I started working full time from home in September of 2003.
2: Where do you get your motivation from?
It is a deep passion that is the true driving force of my personal motivation. The love of creating and designing  having a project come together and seeing the finished results continuously adds to the motivation factor.

3: What one tip would you give other work from home women to be successful?
The best tip for anyone who wishes to work from home is “never stop learning”. No matter what your business is, there are always new techniques, tools and so forth. Make it a habit to learn a new technique as often as possible. You may think you will never need it, however, knowledge is such a valuable tool and should not be under-estimated. There have been many times a technique I learned years ago, has come in handy on a current project. There are books and DVD’s available to study, work shops, online courses, live
demonstrations and more. Just never stop learning.
4: Where can folks find your shop online?
That’s easy: http://www.sunshinefarmgirlcoop.com/CountryCents.html

Visit our Spotlight treasury this week and shop with Country Cents and more of our great shops. Look on the Calendar of Events page at the top of this page!

Snowflake: This is such a great honor to be in the Spotlight this week! Thanks so much!
I know you have more great news to share with us Sunshine.

Sunshine:  Yes indeed, I do! We now have the fun new addition to the co-op called: 'Sunshine Inspired!'
Check out all the wonderful and encouraging information on this new page of the co-op! Fun free downloads and so much more. Click on the button that says: Our Daily Inspiration on the right side of the page for your daily inspiration and to submit questions you'd like answered from the Bible!

Snowflake: I sure hope the rest of our members are as excited as I am about this new feature and all the wonderful events you schedule for us each week.

Sunshine: We'd love to hear from our members. Just post a comment here and tell us what you like best about the co-op and our blog!

Snowflake: That is a great idea Sunshine. And, don't forget you can invite your friends to join you here too!

Check in next week. Same co-op time! Same co-op blog!


  1. What I like best about the coop is the connection with so many others who enjoy the same things as I do. To be able to make a purchase from a fellow member is wonderful. I know the products will be so much better and in many instances, one of a kind!

    The Blog and the Calendar of events are a wonderful way to stay connected and keep up to date on all the happenings with the coop. Some wonderful promotions, along with the contests and challenges!

    Love the newest page Sunshine Inspiration too!!

  2. I am so happy to hear what you like about the website. I want to make 2012 a memorable one for all of us!

  3. We had 2 sales for this event! Wahoo!!! Thank you to all our loyal customers! We hope you'll continue to shop with us!