Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Breaking News Bulletin!!!!

Snowflake: This just came in from our roaming reporter Sunshine. It seems that there is a buzz this month sweeping across the country. Let's check in with our roaming reporter and see what she has found out.

Sunshine: I hope you all are having a great start to 2012! I have been keeping my ear to the wind and have some exciting news to share with all our members. Did you know that February is National Pie Month?

Snowflake: Wow! I didn't know that Sunshine. That sounds like fun. What do you have in mind for us this month in honor of Pie Month?

Sunshine: I'm so glad you asked Snowflake! How about we have a fun "Recipe Swap" with pie recipes!!! Mary Jane picked February 17th as Random Act of Kindness Day! So why don't we combine the two and do a really fun swap!

Snowflake: You have me on the edge of my seat. Tell us more....!!

Sunshine: It sounds like fun to me too and I just know you all will enjoy doing this swap. Send in your recipes to me we'll make up a special page just for the swap for all to come and see the recipes everyone sent in and make as many as you like during February and post on the blog telling us which was your favorite.

Snowflake: Wahoo! That is super easy to do. I'll have to go through my recipes and send you one in two shakes of a cow's tail! hehe!!

Sunshine: I have several ready to post. The swap starts today and the last day to send recipes for posting is February 15th in time for us to make them and post the results before the end of the month. And, for all you Mary Jane's Farm members be on the lookout for double the fun in the swap section. I'll post a fun swap to go along with this one that will be fun and easy to do!

Snowflake: Keep your ear to the wind Sunshine and bring us more great news and fun activities for next week! Stay tuned to this blog folks! Same co-op time! Same co-op blog!

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  1. This will be lots of fun!! wondering which pie recipe to send in. . .