Sunday, March 4, 2012

Did you get it?? Did you Read it??

The March Sunshine Newsletter is out!! Did you get your E-card? Did you read all the great news??  If you missed another great newsletter then rush over to the website and sign up on our front page... you won't want to miss out on all the latest news, updates, coupons, freebies and more!

If you received your E-card, please be sure to use the link provided to head on over to read the latest news and happenings. . . PLUS, be sure to download your FREE DIY Project. . . then head back here and leave us a note!

Oh, and since your here already. . . Please be sure to join our growing list of followers. . . you never know what surprises are coming your way, it's the best way to stay "in the know!"

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  1. Love all the changes!! My two favorite changes are the Sunshine Marketplace where you can see each shops products right there before entering their shops and I love the new Sunshine Inspired page.

    Keep up the great work!!

  2. Thank you Joanna for sharing that with us. I really appreciate feedback and receiving comments let's me know how I'm doing with the co-op.

    I'd like to also thank the newest members to the co-op and followers of the blog for joining us! We're so glad to have you with us on our 'green mission'


  3. Web site looks grate love it. Thanks for the up dates.
    Look forward to having a part in it as our coop grows. Keep up the good work everyone.