Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fun Happenings!

Snowflake: I'm here today with our roaming reporter, Sunshine and she has the latest fun happenings at the co-op this week. Get yourself settled in your comfortable chair and read all about it!

Sunshine: These are definitely fun happenings for our co-op members this week Snowflake! I've interviewed one of our members: Laura from Bible Games! Here's is what she had to say:

1. What motivated you to make 'Bible Games'?

Motivation: Our family has always loved playing games. There were times when my son would be bored or resist doing certain things (like chores or homework) and then we would make it into a game of some sort and he would suddenly enthusiastically participate. So, I started making little board games for our family to play, and one of the areas I concentrated on was making Bible games. These became a way to review things we had learned in our study of the Bible, and make it fun and interesting for our son. Other families saw the games I was making and wanted them for their families. At first I was making board games, but the cost of making these was high, and I wanted to make games that everyone would be able to afford. We have always lived on a tight budget and I knew there were so many games that I would love to have, but could never afford.....so I came up with the idea of making PRINTABLE games that would allow me to keep everything between $5 and $10, often just the cost of a quick coffee break for the family. And with having printable games, you would never have to worry about losing cards or pieces....you could just print more off! My desire is for the games to help families have fun reviewing and learning about the Bible and to draw them closer together. It will provide them all with many good memories to look back on in the future.

2. What is your favorite game in your shop?

My favorite game in the shop is Pioneer Spirit. I guess because it was my first printable game. I had wanted to come up with something that my son could play over the phone with his friends who live far away. I love it because it is so versatile and you can take it anywhere, we love to play it while we travel. Although I must admit, we have several new games currently being designed and I think one of the new releases will be my new favorite. I don't want to spill the beans.....so stay tuned!

3. Where can folks find you online?

You can find us online at FunBibleGames.com and at our etsy shop Biblegames
As well we will have authorized agents who are retailing our games coming later in the year. These will be listed clearly on our website.

Sunshine: Thanks for sharing with us Laura. I hope you are all enjoying getting to know our co-op shop owners through my blog reports.

Snowflake: That sure was a fun happening. Thanks for sharing that with all of us. What else do you have for us Sunshine?

Sunshine: Glad you asked Snowflake, because in addition to sharing that great news with you there is more. You will now find a new page on the website called: Sunshine Inspirations!

It will be filled with Bible based word search puzzles for you to download for free!!! Yay! I make the puzzles myself so they are one-of-a-kind inspirations! Look for the first one coming this week.

Snowflake: Woohoo!!! That is just one more of the great perks you'll receive for being one of our members. We hope you will tell all your friends about us so they can join the co-op and take part in the fun happenings here on our website.

Tune in next week for more exciting news! Same co-op time! Same co-op blog!

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