Monday, September 28, 2020

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Home Care Tips For Women Over 50

 This is a celebration post about surviving getting my wisdom tooth extracted with no complications!  

With someone living with Lyme disease, adrenal fatigue and mast cell activation syndrome getting any medical procedure done that requires anesthetic makes your blood run cold.  You don't know if everything will turn out well or not until it's all over with and you've recovered in one piece.

Here is my latest story in my Lyme disease journey.  And, I'm happy to report that I actually lived to tell you my story.  Sit back in your most comfy chair with your favorite cup of whatever and watch my video where I share my tips for those who can only use alternative medicine treatments.  Who can not take any RX drugs or over the counter meds and who are limited to only a few products that help them heal.

This is for all of you!

If you are wanting to learn how to make your own handmade gifts and crafts I'll teach you how to do that too. 

 Fun Ways To Use Your Laminating Machine To Decorate Junk Journal Pages

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