Thursday, September 3, 2020

Etsy Seller Tips - How To Open and Etsy Shop The Right Way

 Are you new to selling on Etsy?  Maybe you used my referral link for 40 free listings and opened your first shop or 2nd shop so you could start off totally free.  Well did you find it was easy to set up but did you know that if you don't fill out all the information they ask for your shop can be shut down.  It has happened to other newbies.

Watch my Etsy seller tips video and learn all the things you need to have filled out in your shop so Etsy doesn't shut you down one day out of the blue.  If you are a work from home Mom and want to make some extra money selling your handmade items you'll need to know a few things about running a small business on Etsy.

Check out my shop on Etsy, Markets of Sunshine and see all the things that I have filled out and then check your shop and fill in the blanks.  You can thank me later.  This information is for free and you are not obligated to make a purchase.  Just do what your heart moves you to do.

My 2nd shop that my husband runs is Pioneer Fundraiser where we sell vintage gifts and supplies.  Pop in and see what we have that might be the perfect gift for that special occasion you have coming up.

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