Saturday, September 12, 2020

Fun Ways To Use Your Envelope Punch Board, Eyelets and Brads In Junk Journal Pages

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You have all of these wonderful tools and supplies in your craft room waiting for you to make something amazing with them.  Right!  But, do you find that you get stuck coming up with new ideas and fun ways to use all of the gadgets?  I have an envelope punch board, eyelets and brads just asking me to get busy and make something with them.


So, yesterday I brought them all to my craft table and after watching a few other videos I came up with some really pretty embellishments for my junk journal pages.

Watch this short video and see what I did using my tools and supplies.  For more fun and creative ways to use your stash Subscribe to my YouTube channel, HERE! click <<<<

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  1. Did you know you can make mini envelopes using your envelope punch board? Watch the video to learn how to make them yourself.