Monday, December 29, 2014

Etsy Featured Seller: Designs By Lizzie Lee G

This week we are bringing you another seller from our Markets of Sunshine Etsy team.  Designs By Lizzie Lee G is the shop we will share with you today.  We hope you enjoy learning about our team members.  Please, leave us a comment telling us what you liked about her shop.

Antique Tea Cup Pincushion

Lizzie Tell Us How You Got Started Sewing!

A lifetime of sewing.......
My shop came to life purely by accident. 

I've sewn since I was 10...a lifetime ago, literally. Throughout the years, I've made my own clothes, two of my own wedding dresses, my children's clothes when they were young, sewed race wear and bowling wear at home for a time. 

What has been your biggest challenge?
Creating things, making patterns and seeing them turn out, has been a challenge and a thrill for me. Being a crocheter, I love to make a piece of yarn turn into a hat, scarf, or blanket. Recently, I began making little book bags for little girls I know, and they fell in love with them...and from there iPad bags, and now my ministry totes. I also worked part time in a little shop that sells recycled and upcycled items, so it only seemed natural to make aprons, totes and iPad bags from recycled items. Some of those are featured in my shop. 
What motivated you to open your Etsy shop?
In May I was urged to open an etsy shop and I thought "why not?" It might or might not work-- because I am not a marketer. So I did. I didn't sell anything for the first couple months; I had poor inventory and bad tags. But when my shop was looked over by a dear friend, I was encouraged to change a few things. When I did, I got one sale in July. Since then--and now it is mid-December--I've had 60-70 sales (including craft fairs and at-home purchases)!!!

How do you get your creative ideas?
My mind is always alert to interesting ideas. I have a love of art. I love to paint...murals are my big joy, and I have painted several of them. I love drawing in pencil. Both of these have occupied a big part of my creative life over the post 12 years, so it has been a great surprise that sewing re-entered my life again, and that has been the bulk of my sales. 

It is my hope to create more items, but to focus on a couple new ideas that many other folks can't live without. 
What item would you like to promote?
Click the words Bible Cover to visit Lizzie and shop with her on Etsy!
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  1. My favorite items in Lizzie's shop are the tea and coffee coasters!

    1. Very nice items!! I love the Bible cover featured here (sooooo creative!).

  2. Beautiful items. I love her bible covers. Absolutely stunning.