Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ready Made Gifts By Mail Contest

Have you ever subscribed to a gift club?  I have tried several over the years.  I was getting cheese from all over the world.   I never knew beer came in so many varieties until I tried the beer of the month club.  Of course, there is the well known scrapbooking and card making clubs, coffee and tea clubs, food clubs and the list goes on.  There is a club for just about any item you are in love with.  Did you know there is an olive oil of the month club too?  Who knew!
  Did you know there are many handmade gift clubs out there too.  But, I must admit I have not tried any of them myself.  Why?  Because, I can offer handmade gifts by mail and the thought of subscribing to another club would be an act of spying in my book.  I feel we have the best club out there so why be a traitor, right?
  I have recently tried some organic subscription companies and one gluten free subscription club.  I have to say I am not impressed at all!  It was just a bunch of samples from all different companies from food to supplements.  I wanted real foods to try not a bite of something.  I get the whole concept, it is like sample day at your local grocery store.  They hope you will like the sample enough to buy the full size product.  I canceled both. 
  We even tried one of the popular dog treat clubs for our little Yorkie.  He of course, loves getting treats in the mail.  He now inspects every incoming package to see if it might be for him!  lol  We found that giving him all these different treats did not agree with his digestion and he soon began upchucking nightly.  So, another club canceled********************
  So, what is so different about Markets of Sunshine Gift of the Month Clubs?  Well, here is the skinny.  I will draw you a word picture so you can put yourself in our shoes.  The handmade artist that sells on Etsy, Artfire etc...does not buy their supplies wholesale.  They get them online or in stores on sale for the best price possible. 
  They spend hours figuring out design details and even more hours putting together the finished product to finally have something that they hope the consumer will love!  They spend even more hours waiting for the right light or setting up their product to be photographed.  They then spend more hours getting the right words to describe the product so that you will be able to grasp just how wonderful this finished product is and how it will improve your life.
  They then spend more hours checking their shop each day to see if they have any questions from potential customers.  Are you beginning to get the picture?  The handmade artist is not even making minimum wage when you factor in all the hours that goes into making and bringing a product to the market place for you the potential customer to view.
  We sit and wait day after day, week after week and month after month for sales to come to our shop.  When the sales do not come in like we hoped they would the question comes to mind.  How am I going to get folks to buy from Me?!  In comes the gift by mail idea!  If we can send our products to the consumer maybe they will tell their friends and maybe they will come to our shop and see what else we have to offer.
  After, three years of sending out our handmade products month after month in a wide variety of all occasion themes we have discovered one very important truthWe have a very unique product and special concept.  So, therefore, our customers are very unique and special as well!
  We are now turning to the media, namely live TV to advertise our gift of the month club.
  Your feedback is very positive, but the word of mouth advertising has fallen short.  Why?  We do not know!  Is it the economy?  Is it competition with big name stores?  We just do not know!  Nevertheless, we will continue to make our beautiful handmade products and keep them in our shops because that is what WE love to do!
  Have you tried our Gift of the Month Club?  Are you unique and special?  Then give us a try!  Spread some sunshine into the life of a friend or family  member by giving a gift subscription.  Why, support celebrities that already make millions.  Why not, support the small handmade artist who is struggling to get their product known to you the down to earth consumer.  The cost is minimal and the quality is surpassed!
  Here is what we offered in January and February.  See for yourself what you missed.

 Decorative cigar box
Table runner, bracelet and bowl cover in cute pet themes!

Chocolate themes gifts, chia tea sample from Dove Chocolate, diy greeting card, ring and mug rug!

Our March collection is a fun Mary Engelbreit spring theme!  Are you ready to start your unique subscription today?  Click here!
Giveaway Conest for March!
Easy Blog Contest!
What do you like to read about most often on blogs?
Rules: ***1 Entry: Post your comment on our Facebook page (link below) and I will pick a topic that fits with Markets of Sunshine's family values and do a post on my blog naming you as the requester.
I will also do a contest at the end of March giving away one of Markets of Sunshine's Gift of the Month Club packages. All who share their ideas with me on my FB page will get 5 extra entries!
*****10 Entries ***** Leave a positive comment about our blog here! *******
Announcing Markets of Sunshine appearing soon on a Nashville, TN TV station near you!  Stay tuned for show time!  Our popular Gift of the Month Club will debuted on a fun segment you won't want to miss the excitement!  We'll, have prizes and giveaways for all who comment and support our blog, starting with this post and running for six months! 
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Etsy Team
 Our Etsy team is growing with new vendors and shoppers!  We have over 26 members on our team!   Did you know that you can join as a customer/buyer without having a shop on Etsy?  Click here to join our great team and support handmade artists from Markets of Sunshine and all over the world.

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Thank you for taking time out to read this weeks blog post.  I hope you will come by and shop with us and use the coupon codes.  Check out our member classified page at the top of this page or by clicking here!

Sending You Sunshine!

Marsha Jaramillo


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