Monday, September 2, 2013

Handmade Gifts By Mail

Handmade Gifts By Mail is what Markets of Sunshine is all about.  We take pride in the fact that we offer a sampling of our products in a full size, at wholesale prices, something no other company offers.
If you would like to experience the excitement of opening a monthly package delivered to your door that is filled with wonderful handmade gifts that can be used for any occasion, then you'll want to sign-up for our Wholesale Gift of the Month Club this month!
Visit our website here to start your monthly subscription.  All new members will receive a free offer valued at $30, a years membership in our Buyer's Club.  You'll receive an additional free product every three months from one of our vendors.
The products in our wholesale gift of the month club sell for over $60 retail.  You will receive six products monthly for only $20 which includes the shipping!  
We know you will be delighted with our themed collection and will want to tell your friends about Markets of Sunshine's great gifts by mail program.  So, for every friend that you refer, you'll receive an extra free gift valued at $5!
Join today and take advantage of this great way to give yourself a gift and share with your friends!

Featured Artist - Country Cents
This week we are excited to bring you our featured artist, Joanna from Country Cents.  She offers retail and wholesale handmade products for women and children of all ages.
Here are some great tips she wanted to share with you to help make your life easier.  You'll find useful and fun products from Joanna in our wholesale gift of the month club.  
This month is our Tea Lover's package!  One of our top seller's.  You don't want to miss getting one.  It comes with a tea cup too!

Organizing can be tough, however, with these few tips, it can make it so much easier!
  • Start organizing using the 10 minutes a day method.  Simply pick what your going to organize, set your timer for 10 minutes, then begin.  Let's use your desk as an example. Set the timer then start by clearing everything off the desk top and placing it into a box or laundry basket.   Now, begin taking one item at a time and placing it where it belongs. .  do this until the timer chimes.  That's it your done. No cheating!  Tomorrow, set the timer for 10 minutes and resume where you left off.  Continue until it's done.  Then, repeat the process for each drawer.   You will be amazed at all you can get done in 10 minutes a day!
  • Kitchen clean up got you down??  Here is a simple way of getting it done during the day.  Each time you head into the kitchen to say, make a hot cup of coffee/tea. . . while your waiting for it to heat up, go around and pick up anything that needs to be in the sink for cleaning.  Move on to sweeping the floor.  Next, empty the trash if needed.  Coffee/tea ready?  head back to what you were doing.  Next time you enter the kitchen for something else and you are waiting for something to heat up, clean your stove, wipe down your fridge, fill the dishwasher ( or start washing a few dishes).  In no time at all, your kitchen will be looking great and you won't need to spend an hour in the evening doing it when you could be doing something else!
  • Laundry. . . it is the never ending task in all households!  Throwing it in to wash/dry is easy. . . it's finding the time to fold that drags us down.  Not any more!  I keep the current basket that needs folding in one of two places, near the kitchen at dinner time or near my office during the day time!  During the day, while returning customer calls, I fold my laundry while we chat.   In the evening, while dinner is cooking and I need to be near by to stir, flip etc. . . I keep the laundry basket in a chair right by the kitchen so I can fold while waiting on the next step in the kitchen.  Ta-da!!  Laundry folded. . . now who's going to put it away??  :-D
  • When the lights go out. . . are you prepared??   It's the one thing that drives us crazy and the one thing that many are not prepared for.  In every room place a candle with the matches stored inside the candle holder.  ( Please use common sense if you have little ones around, don't leave them where they could get a hold of it)  Now, if the lights go out, you won't need to wonder where the flashlight is or if the batteries are good. . . since you will have instant light in any room simply by lighting your candle.
  • You'll find great natural beeswax candles from Jeanpatchbymk, order some today!
Maple Leaf Sachet
Measures 4 1/2" wide by 5" tall by 3/4" thick.
Filled with pure 100% balsam for a wonderful fragrance.
Use as a bowl filler, in a drawer, closet or anywhere you
want a scent of balsam.

Retail Value of this set: $ 14.00
 Orange Maple leaf.JPG                      
multi color maple leaf.JPG

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  1. Who wants a Tea Lover's gift collection? Order one today before they are all gone!!! Comes with an adorable tea cup too!