Monday, November 12, 2012

Giveaway Contest With CJWdesignVillage

Ladybug:  Just an FYI for where to send your questions and info:
1.   Any general co-op or etsy team questions? 
Please e-mail  Marsha: 

2.  Any updates i.e. to your market page or billing questions for your market page or any website questions?
Please e-mail Joann:

3. Any blog questions or blog features?
Please e-mail Carolyn:

4. Any BNS questions or features?
Please e-mail Mary:

Please do not send convos on Etsy regarding any of these topics. It makes it hard to keep track of them.   Thank you for your cooperation.

Who's in the spotlight this week? Let's check in with our roaming reporter Sunshine to find out 

Sunshine: Our featured member in the spotlight this week:
Here is the interview I conducted with Cynthia:

1.  How do you encourage your customers to leave feedback for your shop?

I ask my customers to give me feedback by putting it on their receipt.  I also ask if they would leave feedback when they receive their purchase.  I have gotten feedback from all of my sales but one, so I emailed them asking again for feedback and I got it!

2.  I absolutely love your idea of having a weekly special!!   
Has having a weekly special item in your shop helped to increase your sales and is there anything else that you have done that has been successful in increasing sales?
I have only been doing the weekly special for 2 weeks. I choose an item that has high stats and then I either lower the price or offer free shipping.  It hasn't been long enough for me to tell how it is going to work, but I think that when people catch on it is going to be a good thing. The Weekly Special is something that I will continue to do.

3.  Do you have a blog? 
If so could you please share your blog url address?

Yes I have a blog it is

4. The photos in your shop are so professional looking. 
Could you share one or two tips with us on how you take your pictures?
I like to take my pictures where there is natural sunlight, this shows the true colors and textures of what I am photographing.  I have a window seat in my dining room and that is where I shoot my photos.  I have wanted to be a photographer so that helps too.  I have many photos on my walls that I have taken myself that people think I bought. I use my IPhone to take my pictures, but if you use a camera tripod it helps to get a steady picture.

She has a contest for us:

Casual Dress Agate Earrings by CJW

Hanging at a 1/2 inch long is a cute round agate bead with a gold decorative spacer on the top and bottom. Very stylish and dainty.

 Contest Rules:

2. Favorite CJWDesignVillage:

3. Make a purchase from any shop other than CJWDesignvillage and get 1 entry.

4. Make a purchase from CJWDesignVillage and get 5 extra entries.

5. New blog followers get 5 extra entries.

6. Leave a comment on our blog saying which ones you did - 2 extra entries.

Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op User's Guide Book

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    If you are a customer of our Sampler Bag program you will receive 10% off your first month's club price. Just our way of showing our appreciation for you our valued customers.

    These clubs will consist of do-it-yourself kits for your fun crafting projects.  And also finished products that are useful in every home, and things you just can't live without!

    I'll announce here when we get our clubs page ready for your enrollment.

    See you all at the Shop Hop and we hope you'll enter this week's contest! Don't forget we now have our Fun Tea Party themed sampler bag on sale on the home page of our website. Supplies are limited so get one while they last! 

    Looking for green gifts for a swag bag? Our sampler bag products are green gifts and make the perfect addition to swag bag promotions.

    Back to you Ladybug!!!
    Ladybug:  Marsha applied for the Etsy Fellowship Grant at the end of September and we were approved to receive help from Etsy!   Yay!!  
    This is a great opportunity for our team.  It helps to get us in the spotlight of the Etsy Admin. team members. We are no longer just another pretty face to them.  It also goes to show you that if we keep trying eventually things will take off in the right direction.  Our team captain, Marsha, is  always looking for ways to get our co-op noticed, which will bring in both traffic and sales to all of the members. 

    It takes all of us doing our part no matter how small it may seem to keep the wheel of progress turning for our team.  
    Next year, Marsha will be applying each quarter for grants, so we need to have another great fundraiser for them to get excited about and help us out with.  That is why our participation is so vital for all the activities that we are doing in order for us to succeed. 


    There you have if folks!  I hope you have enjoyed this week's episode from the Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op roaming reporter and narrator!

    Tune in next week!  Same Co-op Time!  Same Co-op Place!



    1. Since I am featured this week I am offering Free Shipping.
      Coupon Code: FREESHIPPING
      Also take a look at my Weekly Special

      Happy Shopping

    2. Who else wants to enter to win these lovely earrings from CJW Design Village!!!

    3. Wow I just finished the Trivia game that Mary from Pages of Ages put together. It was fun and you have to be quick. Don't miss the next one. She has great questions and you will find out how fast you can type.

    4. It was lots of fun. I love remembering things from the good ole days. Every Friday at 7 p.m. est on Etsy! Just click our treasury link above and it will take you to the game.

    5. Entries:

      Marsha - #1-#4
      Carolyn - #5 to #7

      Drum Roll!!!! Using

      True Random Number Generator Min:1 Max: 7 Result: #4

      Congrats to Marsha!!!

    6. New blog post will be up later today

    7. Good for you Marsha. You will be receiving your earrings soon.