Friday, October 1, 2021

52 Week Challenge - Invite To Win Snail Mail Challenge!

 52 Week Challenge - Invite to win snail mail challenge!

Welcome to the Markets of Sunshine podcast.  I'm your host, Marsha.  In today's episode, we are going to be talking about where we've been and where we're going next.  Stick around to find out how you can take part in this new 52-week challenge.

So we have finished up our list of the "7 Essential Creative Habits to Unlock Your Creativity"!
That was a fun journey for me and I hope so for you too.  Today, we are kicking off our 52-week challenge.  Invite to Win Giveaway!  It has two parts.  The first part of the challenge is for you to send out 52 letters and cards in the mail.  Where ever you live in the world you can join in the fun.

The second part of the challenge is an invitation from me to you.  I'm inviting you to join my private Facebook group, Markets of Sunshine <<<click here <<<< and to follow me on Instagram <<<click
Here's where the real fun begins...I'm going to be giving away 52, $5 coupon codes during this challenge.  One per person.  

When I receive your card or letter in the mail I will send you the $5 coupon code via email.  So be sure to write your email address on the card for me so that I can send it to you.  It will have a 30-day expiration date.  So don't delay use it right away.  Otherwise, you will lose it.

To find out my mailing address all you have to do is one of these two things.  Become a customer of mine in my Etsy shop, Markets of Sunshine <<<click to shop now <<< or Join my mailing list and you'll find my mailing address at the bottom of the Newsletter.

The second way to win a prize from me, which will be one of my handmade gifts is to join my private Facebook group, Markets of Sunshine, or follow me on Instagram and invite your friends and followers to join too.  I will hold a weekly drawing and everyone who has invited someone and they have joined or followed me will be put in a drawing and one person will win the gift that week.

So in other words you have 52 opportunities to win a prize from me over the next 52 weeks.  So keep inviting each week for your chance to win a gift from me.  Are you excited about this 52-week challenge?  I know I am!

So, let's talk about the incoming happy mail I have been receiving already.  Thank you to Kayla, Annette, and Fran for sending me a beautiful letter and card in the mail.  I've already sent them their $5 coupon code.  You made my day brighter and filled my heart with gratitude and joy!

Well folks that's all the news for this week!  I want to Thank You for tuning in and making this podcast a success.

Keep Creating In the Sunshine!  Unlock Your Creativity!

Sending You Sunshine,


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