Friday, August 27, 2021

Unlock Your Creativity Habit #3 Markets of Sunshine Podcast Episode 4

 Hello! Welcome! to the Markets of Sunshine Podcast Episode 4

Today I'm going to share with you the #3 Habit that will help you to Unlock Your Creativity.  I'll share some of my personal ways that I found that helped me as I home schooled my daughter to unlock our Creativity.  I made sure that she had fun everyday!

Whatever it is that you call fun is up to you.  Don't let anyone tell you what your fun should look like.  Take a good look at what you already have fun doing.  Maybe it's going to the movies with your friends or family.  Or, maybe you just like reading a good book.  Fun doesn't have to be with others.  It can be just by yourself.

Include fun don't exclude fun!  All work and no play makes life dull.  So, I'm giving you permission to have fun everyday of the week.  Having fun is what gets me out of bed everyday.  Just knowing that I'm going to record my podcast on Friday is fun.  Monday through Thursday I know I'm going to record my YouTube videos. That's fun!  I know on Saturday and Sunday I'm going to spend time with my husband and do fun things together in our house and yard. That's fun!

So grab yourself a beautiful journal from my Etsy shop Markets of Sunshine and write down these three Creative Habits that help you unlock your Creativity and review them each day.  No matter if you are a Teacher, a Supervisor and a Mom.  You can use these tips to unlock your Creativity and make your job more fun.

Go ahead and click that play button below and listen to the episode 4 "Unlock Your Creativity Habit #3" now!

Thank You for being here with me today.  

Keep Creating In The Sunshine!



  1. I really liked this episode and the way that I make my day a fun day Monday through Friday is with music. I start my day off listening to the original songs on and throughout the day. I do remodeling for a living so my time is my own.

    1. Thanks for sharing what you do to have a fun day during your work week.

    2. Showing gratitude to Jehovah as soon as I wake up has helped me enjoy my days more. To have fun I play with my dogs, do something creative, sing, do a little dance, listen to a dramatic reading while doing the dishes...I'll keep adding small activities like that and being more mindful about it.~♡~