Wednesday, January 8, 2020

4 Types of Planners and Journals and Why You Need Them

Are you a keeper of journals?

Notice I didn't say hoarder. Giggle!  After you get started journaling it starts to become a habit and you want to do more and more in every area of your life.

How To Get Started

1. Pick an area of your life that you need to work on or make better.  In this video I started with a food diary.  Everyone has some sort of health issue that they need to work on pertaining to food.

Whether you need to lose weight or gain (like me) you should keep a food log.

If you have food sensitivities or allergies (again like me) then you should be on a four day rotation diet to minimize the reactions.  I also did the 21 day elimination diet to start me off.  I was easy to do.  Then I found a doctor that specializes in gut health and he guided me even more on how to heal the gut with food.

2.  Now that you've picked out a food diary book you need to map out a weekly menu to follow.

3.  List breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Snacks if you need them.  If not leave them out.  You should only be drinking water or herbal teas.  No coffee or caffeine.  Especially if you have heart burn or GERD.

4.  Try to add as many organic foods to your menu as possible.  Why put chemicals into your body that your poor liver has to process.  They only add to your health problems in the long run.  Even if you are a young person you need to start good eating habits by choosing organic foods now and save yourself a lot of suffering later.

5.  Try not to eat out.  I know, many of you love to have someone else weight on you.  But, restaurant foods are loaded with all the bad things that cause your health issues to get worse.  Like high in salt, sugar, fat and calories.

6.  Monitor how you feel after 30 days of keeping a record of what you eat.  When you start to notice a certain food causes unpleasant side effects cut it out for 3 months.  Then add it back in and see what happens.

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