Saturday, May 27, 2017

Etsy Flash Sale: Blink And You Lose 6th Shopping Event

Etsy flash sale: Blink and You Lose 6th Shopping Event.  It doesn't get any better than this.

Imagine becoming the greatest Mom in the world, and your child becomes the happiest, most helpful kid who ever existed....Introducing the Child Reward System Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie has been transformed into a hollow book safe with a hidden compartment in the middle of the book where the pages have been cut out. The first few pages have been left for added surprise and fun when they open their gift.
Now you can reward your child with a gift card to their favorite store or theme park inside the secret compartment and only give it to them as a reward for a job well done so that you can save your sanity and teach your child that doing their best is rewarded.
Plus, you'll get a free character tote bag kit with any $30 purchase from our shop with easy 'how to' instructions. Takes only 10 minutes to make.

Starting on May 31st (Our 7th Event)- We will have 
two All Day events each week 
on Wednesdays and Sundays
OUR 6th EVENT IS - Sunday, May 28th
Join Us On Sunday for Some Shopping Fun!

Every Wednesday and Sunday 
Until - 7 PM Central Standard Time
WEDNESDAY'S Event will be at Markets of Sunshine
 (Starting 5/31)
SUNDAY'S Event will be at Icky Chic Design

(Featured Items Are Different For Each Day's Event)
All featured item's listed for Wednesday and Sunday's Shopping Event will be ridiculously lowered in price until 7 PM CST. You only have one day to secure these awesome deals! So you see...if you BLINK, YOU REALLY WILL LOSE...  
NOTICE: Items are listed on Etsy. You can use the Etsy Guest feature to purchase items on Etsy without an account.

THIS WEEK'S EVENT ITEMS: (Sunday, May 28th)
*Featured items are subject to change in the case that they should sell before the scheduled shopping event.
 (Markets of Sunshine
Hollow Book Safe
Original Price: $22  
Event Price: $15
Buy Here: More Details and photos

     (Markets of Sunshine)   
Book Lover Gift for Girls, Hollow Book Box
Original Price: $20
Event Price: $15
Buy Here: More Details and photos
 (Icky Chic Designs)   
Small Clutch or Phone Case
Original Price$27.00 
Event Price: $7.95
Buy Here: More Details and photos
  (Icky Chic Designs) 
5 Yards Glamorous Apparel Fabric
Original Price: $18.00
Event Price: $7.20
Buy Here: More Details and photos
  • All transactions will take place through the Etsy shop featuring the item you choose to buy. 
  • Items are subject to change should they sell before the event starts.
WHO will walk away with these fantastic deals? It could be YOU!
Let us know if there is an item in our shops that you would like us to include in a future flash sale event by leaving us a comment below.
Sending You Sunshine,
Marsha J.


  1. I LOVE flash sales! Fun, fun, fun...

    1. We are having so much fun with our flash sale event. The new customer's to our shop shows others are having fun too.