Thursday, December 22, 2016

Custom Color Envelopes: Handmade By MarketsofSunshine

Are you ready to start the new year of 2017 with style? I know we are ready and waiting to see what the new year has to offer us.  But, we don't just sit around waiting.  No!  We plan things ahead of time so that we can be successful in reaching our dream goals.  To help us do that I made these color envelopes to use with my own cash envelope budget system.  I know there are other cash systems out there and they did inspire me to give it a try myself.  
But, my system is a little different.  First, I have a savings envelope.  Second, is the new car envelope.  Third, is the pay off credit card debt envelope.
My grocery spending is the same month after month so there is no need to have an envelope for that category.
We don't eat out so there is no need for a dining out envelope.
So, you can tailor the envelopes to what your families needs and priorities are in your life.
All of our custom color envelopes are handmade in our MarketsofSunshine home studio in Florida.
Fiber artist Marsha Jaramillo, that's me, stitches each envelope insuring that they won't come apart.

These pretty envelopes are double stitched at both ends to make sure they won't come apart and will last a long time.  They are made from acid free paper and card stock and come in a variety of beautiful colors to suit any occasion.
Suitable for seed envelope wedding favors or party favors at a baby shower or graduation party.
                            Ready for you in our Etsy shop
                            at MarketsofSunshine

That's not all they can be used for.  How about using them for your cash budget envelope system?   Here are just a few of the ones we have made and are available in our Etsy shop.
Green is the color of the year for 2017

I hope we have helped you to want to try our colorful and eco-friendly handmade envelopes for the new year.
There are so many wonderful uses for them besides the few I listed.  Why not try a set today.  I look forward to seeing you in my Etsy shop, MarketsofSunshine soon!

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Sending You Sunshine!

Marsha Jaramillo

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  1. Wonderful idea and you've made it so much fun with these colorful custom envelopes. It's amazing how stashing a dollar or two at a time adds up.