Friday, December 30, 2016

New Year 2017 Weekly Planners: Altered Little Golden Book

The new year is just 2 days away!  That means I'll be getting lots of orders for my altered little golden book weekly planners for 2017.  
Bible Study Planner
Are you excited to make 2017 even better than your 2016 was?  I know I can't wait to see vast improvements in so many areas of my life.  Namely, my health has got to keep getting better!

Here are a few of the titles I have in stock for you to choose from for your 2017 life planner.  You can use them in so many great ways to keep on track with your daily schedule.
Use this fun little golden book for a fitness or food planner.

Household Planner
Cinderella will help you make cleaning a breeze!

Scuffy School Planner
Scuffy will help you keep tugboating along all year keeping track of your child's school activities.

Teacher Planner
Make teaching even more fun by using this cute Three Little Pigs planner!

As you can see these cute altered Little Golden Book weekly planners will help you make 2017 the best new year ever!

You'll find them all in my Etsy shop, MarketsofSunshine.

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Thanks for stopping by and reading this last post of 2016.

I'll see you in the new year!

Sending You Sunshine,

Marsha Jaramillo

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