Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Summer Break: 4 Weeks To A Clutter Free Room!

Summer break.  Those words are being rejoiced by kid's everywhere.  Parent's on the other hand may not be so joyful. School is out and the kid's have the whole Summer to spend helping Mom and Dad turn their messy room into a clutter free room.  Right!  If, you rolled your eyes or said something a little more colorful than I did, I hear you.  So, how can you get the kid's to help out around the house this Summer without the same old excuses?

Lead by example.  If, they see you making goals for yourself over the Summer they will have no excuse to not do their part.  If, you are tired of fighting with your child to get them to clean their room.  If, you have you tried every time tested piece of advise with little success.  If, you can't remember when was the last time your child cleaned their own room.  Maybe, it's time for a change.  

If, you can relate to any of these issues then you'll want to stick around for this series of posts about how You can take control back over your life and home with just 1 hour a day or on the weekend in each room in your house.  

Cleaning my own house has inspired me to create a new product line for our 2 Etsy shops that I'll introduce at the end of the series.  
It will help your child keep their room clean and organized in a colorful, fun and useful way.  It's something that can grow with you or your child.  It's sustainable, so it will last a lifetime.  It's affordable so it saves you money in the long run.

Week 1:
Let's face it.  Technology has changed our lives.  
Action step #1 -Try going a entire weekend with no cell phone, tablet or laptop in your life.  What about turning the TV off for the weekend!  Yikes!  Most of us would first go into shock and squirm and then there would be total silence.

I dare you to give it a try and see what happens at your house.  But, I can guarantee you that if you do, you will get more done than you ever thought possible.

My husband and I have made a personal decision to cancel the paid TV service. I then took it a step further and decided to not even watch TV anymore and see what we could get done by not being lazy and being a couch potato every night.

It has been amazing!  Now in the evenings after dinner we can actually get to talk and relax and just enjoy the quiet.  We are now empty nester's and at first all we could do is talk about how much we missed our daughter being around.

But, after a few weeks we decided to focus on us and our needs as a couple.  We have several home projects that needed finishing and now instead of the TV stealing our time we have been working on the rooms in the house that were unfinished.  

In just one hour we were able to go through 6 boxes of stuff and actually begin to see more of the floor instead of walking in this little narrow pathway.

We both rejoiced over what we accomplished. A clean floor!  So, each weekend we spend time together doing fun things like going to garage sales and then in the evening we tackle one room or project in about an hours time.

In just one hour my husband built me this cool bookcase.  It now is my storage space for our beanie baby inventory we sell in our Pioneer Fundraiser Etsy shop.  Once, we get each room organized we will be able to start on our new product line for our other 2 Etsy shops, Markets of Sunshine and My Secret Compartments.

I challenge you to reduce stress in your life and join me during this 4 weeks to a clutter free room series.  Leave comments telling me what room you are starting on and what progress you have made each week.

Are you in?  Let me hear from you in the comment box below.  Use the hashtags #mosgiftclub & #clutterfreeroom with your comment. Tune in next week and see more photos of our progress.  Week#2 - 4 Weeks to a clutter free room will have an easy check-list for the family to use to help get things rolling and to show your progress.

At, the end of the series there will be a reward given to one of the families who have participated each week.  You will be put in a drawing to win one of my new products I'll be launching at the beginning of August 2016.

Happy Uncluttering!  

Sending You Sunshine,

Marsha Jaramillo


  1. WOW! Just the motivation I needed to start organizing my sewing room and work space. When I'm in a creative mode stuff flies everywhere, finds a home wherever it lands, and then sets up housekeeping until the organizing genie appears to grant me three wishes...I WISH!!! So I'm going to take your challenge and use the next four weeks to turn my creative mess into a creative dream work space. I'm ALL IN!

    1. Yay! Welcome to the 4 Weeks to a Clutter Free Room challenge Lynda. I can't wait to see some photos of your progress.

  2. Marsha, this series can be a boon to so many people! Not me, though, since OCD compels me to keep my environment orderly, but I'm sure it'll help many others, and I'll definitely advertise it on the social media. Hats off to you!! #mosgiuftclub #clutterfreeroom

    1. I understand OCD Sally. I think every member of my family has some form or another. Some of us keep our house and rooms cleaner than other's. Most though are horder's on different levels too. lol So, the stuff begins to overtake the room that is accumulated over the years.

  3. #mosgiftclub & #clutterfreeroom What a wonderful article and right on point! We all need a fresh perspective when it comes to kids and cleaning. I remember the struggle well. It's not that they really don't want to do it, it's simply overwhelming to them. Thank you for the motivation and I look forward to the next article!

    1. I hear you Joanna. We all get overwhelmed and that is why I started this fun challenge to help all of us have support doing a task that is less than desirable alone.

  4. Yes - I'm in! This was my summer plan, did not happen - thanks for the nudge!