Monday, November 23, 2015

#TwitterParty November 27, 2015 at 2 PM EST! #MOSGIFTCLUB Featuring Cotton Candy Designs

Markets of Sunshine is hosting a #TwitterParty on Friday November 27th at 2 pm est.  Log on to Twitter and or click here and register for a free account.  To qualify to win prizes you MUST RSVP with your Twitter handle in the comments box below.

You must also be a newsletter subscriber, click here to sign-up.  If you missed last weeks post announcing our #TwtiterParty you can read the rules by click here.  We will give away 3 coupon codes to use in Cotton Candy Designs Etsy shop and one of the kid's handmade outfits below.  Winner chooses size and boys or girls outfit.

Recap: To win prizes you must 1. Subscribe to our newsletter and 2. RSVP in the comments box below with your Twitter handle @name

We are also having a huge sale in select shops.  See the Etsy treasury below to shop and grab a great deal!

50% off Big Sale Day!!! Select Etsy Shops BNS MOSJWPT

We're helping you buy a super handmade gift for 50% off!!! Anyone can buy in our BNS game. Seller's that buy in have to offer a 50% off item to earn a spot on the board! Let the fun begin!
50 Percent Off, Was 25 Dollars and 95 cents, Big Sale Day, Fabric Wallet, Mother of Bride Gift
50 Percent Off, Mosaic Keepsake Box, Hollow Book, Unique Gift For Girls, Nancy Drew, Vintage Book, Secret Compartment, Was 35 Dollars
50 Percent Off, Was 15 Dollars, Vintage Farm Tractor, Metal Diecast Toys, Made in France - Yellow and Green Toy Tractor Set
50 Percent Off, Big Sale Day, Purse Charm - Was 14 Dollars and 95 cents - Green Parrot Faux Diamond  -
50 Percent Off, Was 7 Dollars, Big Sale Day, Black Bear Plushie, Stuffed Animal, Children's Toy, Bear Toy, Woodland Nursery, Ty Beanie Baby
50 Percent Off, Was 7 Dollars, Big Sale Day, Zebra Stuffed Animal Ty Beanie Babie Ziggy the Zebra 1995 Vintage Beanie Babie
50 Percent off, Was 6 Dollars, Duck Gift, Yellow Duck, Ty Beanie Babie, Vintage Toy, Stuffed Animal, Nursery Decor, Baby Show Gift
50 Percent Off, Was 7 Dollars, Big Sale Day, Brown Bear Plushie, Stuffed Animal, Children's Toy, Bear Toy, Vintage Bear, Woodland Nursery
Reserved Listing - Hippo Stuffed Animal, Ty Beanie Baby - Toy Plushie - Nursery Decor, Baby Shower Gift
50 Percent off, Big Sale Day, Was 7 Dollars, Ladybug Stuffed Animal, Ty Beanie Baby, Lucky Ladybug
50 Percent off, Was 7 Dollars, Pink Flamingo, Bird Plushie, Ty Beanie Baby, Bird Gift, Pink Bird, Florida Gift, Vintage Toy, Stuffed Animal
75 Percent Off Was 44 Dollars Cotton Skirt size 10/12 Pink Blue Red Yellow Orange Green Purple White - Girls Size 10 Swing Skirt Sale
75 Percent Off Was 40 Dollars - Girls White Jacket Size 5 Pink Dog Applique Vintage Cotton Fully Lined - Girls Gifts Under 15 Dollars
75 Percent Off, Was 28 Dollars Girls Size 3 Pink T-Shirt Fun Ice Cream Cone Applique and Harem Knit Pants - Knit T-Shirt and Matching Pants

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  1. My Cotton Candy Designs sells adorable children's items, two of which are shown on this page. Stop by and check it out.

  2. We have 4 players! Yay! All are entered in our drawing! Best Regards!

    Thanks for playing!