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Win Watkins Vanilla Extract and Delecto Art's Horse Key Chain

Win Watkins Vanilla Extract or Delecto Art's Horse Key Chain in this weeks contest with Markets of Sunshine! 
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Original Artwork Horse Keychain Delecto Art's Horse Key Chain

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Featured Artist is Kayla from DelectoArt

1.  Do you feel that you have grown as an artist during the time that you have been selling on Etsy?

When I first starting selling on Etsy I would draw a variety of subjects, but I have been able to narrow down my work to what my customers are looking for.   I have received requests for scenery and flower drawings.  I have also used search engines to find out what is trending.

2.  What is your favorite section in your shop?

I would have to say that my favorite is the Steampunk section because I can express my individuality.

3.  What else do you in  with your spare time?

I am taking a homeopathic course to help enhance my job at a health food store.  I am learning how homeopathic remedies work and how to use them to assist others.

Our cliff hanger story continues this week......
 Jean hurried to her mailbox, she always got excited when the mail came, she never knew what might be waiting for her. There was a large envelope with a return address but no name. Hmmm....this looks interesting! She looked up and noticed a balloon attached to her front door. As she took it off the door she saw there was something tied to the ribbon. It was a cute little bottle with a cork in top and inside looked like little capsules. Once inside, she opened the little bottle and took out the capsule, there was a rolled up piece of paper inside. Look inside the envelope and see what awaits you. There was no signature or addresses. I'm really intrigued now thought Jean. She was really getting nervous and excited at the same time. She took out the contents and found a picture of book. Below the picture was a description that said; find the secret compartment book at Jeanpatch by Mk's shop that has an exclusive design and there will be a clue for you inside! A clue to what thought Jean.....

Wood Overlay Hollow Book - Celebrity Oscars Swag Bag - Made to Order.
Once Jean found the secret compartment book at Jeanspatch by MK 's shop she excitedly opened it. But was empty!! As she examined the secret compartment book, she realized that there was another secret compartment!..."2 secret compartments in one book!", she exclaimed. ...Inside the 2nd secret compartment she found a small piece of paper rolled up. Carefully she unrolled it and ...The clue read...Go to Weeprincess shop find a pink pen that was recently featured at the Oscars
Celebrity Favorite at the Oscars gifting lounge- Custom Tiger Maple Slimline Cross Style Twist Pen-Custom finished in Pink
When Jean found the pen, she thought the pink pen would go so nicely as a set with the Peonies Series Original Photography Note Cards from WoodstreamPapery ? . As soon as she decided to order them both, the phone rang and...
Original Photography Note Cards - Peonies Series - Mingling with Mint - Set of 5 Note Cards

bling bling bling!!! Ooops, Jean already revealed one that's at her door step ...she could hear it, she could touch it..she could feel it..well she has already started herself looking in front of the mirror
Paparazzi Bling By Yasha (ID#8610)And taped on the mirror was another clue telling her to check out Femmesleigh Unique Designs for something pink to hold back her curly hair out of her eyes! A Pink hair bow!
 Large Crocheted Hot Pink Hair BowAs she stood admiring the new Hot Pink Hair Bow in her hair, she noticed something sitting on the edge of the vanity. . . It was a cute Ditty Bag! She opened it up to peek inside, when she noticed something in the outside pocket. .Ditty Bag, Primitive Bag, Draw string Bag, Bag, Purse, Draw string Purse
she was so excited. So she pulled out a pretty embroidery towel, that was a pet themed hand towel Embroidery Dog Towel Cotton  Hand Towel Chervil GreenAfter seeing the pretty hand towel, shen washed her hands using the pretty soap bottle apron. Vintage style kitchen soap bottle apron in red and white ApronsAndHomeDecor   Vintage style kitchen soap bottle apron in red and white
Then Jean grabbed her keys from the small crochet basket by WoodstreamDream and was out the door to hurry and ...
Crochet Basket - Small Handled in Watermelon Cotton.....go shopping for dinner. She realized she had forgotten her coupons, so dashed back in to get them. She also took a pretty spring dot clothespin to clip the coupons to her sun visor. Decorative Clothespins Green Yellow Dot Full Size Set of 5 Driving to the store, Jean thought about all of the wonderful surprises she had that day. It had been so exciting to find so many lovely treasures, but she thought, “Who did this for me?” 
As she pulled into a parking space at the store, she was suddenly shocked out of her reverie by a blaring car horn. She slammed on her brakes, snapped the car into park, and looked around to see who was honking so rudly!  
  Jean was still flustered, but was so relieved that she wasn’t being attacked by some psycho, but one of her friends, that she started laughing hysterically. Her friend ran to her, grabbed her, and gave her a huge hug. Still laughing, Jean pretended to smack her friend and said loudly, “WHAT IS GOING ON?”
“I’ll explain later. Just come with me now,” her friend said.
Laughing, she replied, “What are you talking about? I have shopping to do.”
“Nope. You have to come with me now. You can shop later.”
“What is going on? Have you fallen and bumped your head?” she said jokingly.
Her friend, with a grin on her face, grasped her hands, looked straight into her eyes and tried to seriously say, “You have to trust me,” but the words came out with a giggle. She straightened her back, took a deep breath, and tried again. “You have to trust me, Jean. Just come with me now.”
Jean shook her head, laughed, and said, “I don’t know what you are up to, but I guess I will just have to go with you. I’m too curious not to, anyway.”
“Great! Let’s go,” her friend said.
As Jean climbed up into the vehicle, she heard the sound of laughter in the back seat. There were four more friends in the back! “What is GOING ON?” she asked.
“Wouldn’t you like to know!” one friend said. This elicited a cackle of laughter from the others. A hand came forward from the back and handed her a small, beautifully wrapped package. “Just hold this. Don’t open it yet.”
Jean was baffled and excited all at the same time. She thought about the things she was surprised with throughout the day and wondered why all of this was happening to her.
They pulled up to a building she wasn’t familiar with and got out of the car.
Her friends ushered her into the building, which was dark, and then stepped away. She stood there, curious as to what could possibly happen next. She heard whispers to her right and suddenly there was bright light and a resounding shout of “Surprise!”
“What…” was all Jean could mutter.
“Jean,” her friend said, “You always do so much for us. You have been such a great friend to every one of us and we just wanted to thank you in a big way.”
Jean was blown away. She never expected anything like this to happen to her. She looked around at her friends, all smiling and kind. It all made sense to her now. Each one of the gifts had been from the friends gathered around her. As she looked into the eyes of these dear friends, she was overcome with emotion and felt tears fall down her face.
“We knew you would do that,” said one friend softly. “Open the box.”
She opened the gift to find a lovely tissue pouch. “You do know me well, don’t you?” she said, laughing and crying all at once.
This had been a day that Jean would remember for the rest of her life.

 Tissue Pouch- Travel Tissue Case in Black and White Damask
To think that all her dear friends from the Markets of Sunshine team did all of this for little ole' Jean made her more convinced than ever before, that she would always do her best to support them too!  Jean was a firm believer that there is always more happiness in giving than in receiving.  Stay tuned to see what happens next!
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There you have it dear reader's! I hope you have enjoyed this week's episode from the Markets of Sunshine roaming reporter!

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