Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Giveaway Contest With Vintage 50s Treasures

Ladybug:   This week one of our team members, Joanna Vaughan, posted some suggestions to help boost sales.  She asked us to take a look at her most recent sale at www.etsy.com/shop/countrycents
She was able to make this custom order because she updated her tags so they were more relevant with the search words customers are using AND because she offered a sample of her product.  Thank you for all your help and encouragement, Joanna, and congratulations on your sale.
Who's in the spotlight this week?

Sunshine:  Our featured member in the spotlight this week:
                                                     Vintage 50s Treasures

Here is the interview I conducted with Rafael:

1. I know you have recently moved your Vintage 50s Treasures shop over to your main shop Jeanpatchbymk on Etsy, tell us why you did this?

We opened our Jeanpatchbymk shop in 2008 that had handmade items as the main focus. But, we had vintage collectibles that we wanted to sell so we opened the Vintage 50s Treasures shop thinking that separating the items would be best.
Over the years it has become harder to run two shops so we had to step back and ask ourselves what could we do different?
So we decided to combine the two shops to give our full attention to one shop.
2. I read on your profile that you enjoy working with wood. What are some items that you have made with wood?

I have made custom cabinets for kitchens and game rooms. I have always helped my wife in her craft business and throughout the years she has had me make decorative shelves and wooden boxes for her.
I make the boxes for her secret compartment books.

3 What are some of your hobbies?

I help my wife in our craft business. I consider it a hobby. I relax by listening to classical music and bible recordings.

He has a contest for you.

       I'm happy to donate one of our fabric flower pins for a contest.

Contest Rules:
1. Favorite this treasury  http://www.etsy.com/treasury/MTQ1NDU3MjR8MjcyMzQzNjI0NA/open-gift-ideas-from-sfgcteam
2. Favorite Jeanpatchbymk

3. Make a purchase from any shop other than Jeanpatchbymk get 1 entry.

4. Make a purchase from Jeanpatchbymk and get 5 extra entries.

5. New blog followers get 5 extra entries.

6. Follow Jeanpatch blog:  http://jeanpatch.blogspot.com

7. Leave a comment on our blog - 2 extra entries.

8. Leave a comment on Jeanpatch blog and get 3 extra entries

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Back to you Ladybug!!! 

Ladybug:  Great interview, Sunshine.  I also know that Rafael  loves to play chess and that he's a pretty good player!

Has everyone had a chance to watch Marsha's Youtube video?  Head over to Capture_20121012_2.wmv Handmade Gift Sampler Bag   and check it out.  She did a great job! 


  1. done 1 and 2. didnt know where to put a comment on her blog the last date I seen was sunday 14th

  2. Hey Everyone! Only 4 days left to enter the contest and win that pretty flower pin from Vintage 50s Treasures!

    It's easy to do, so come on what are you waiting for!!

  3. Please help us promote the contest by using the little icons that are just before the comments above.

    The more that share our post the more that have an opportunity to enter.


  4. Just Fav'd the treasury, already fav'd Jeanpatchbymk's shop, Left a post on her blog, follow her blog, and I have done a promotion for the SFGC Team on my blog!

  5. Great You Tube ad

  6. Drawing for our contest...

    Entries: Kallie -#1
    Carolyn -#2
    Mary -#3

    Drum Roll.....True Random Number Generator Min:1 Max: 3
    Result: 1

    Congrats! to Kallie, she won the flower brooch!

    Use the other option at checkout! Enjoy!

  7. I favored the spotlight shop and the treasury. And all the shops. Great treasury and more to come.

  8. Favorited the treasury and jeanpatchbymk !