Monday, October 22, 2012

Giveaway Contest With Delecto Art!

Ladybug:  It's finally started to cool down here in Florida. The weather during the daytime is in the mid 80's now.

 I am so excited about our Gift of The Month Club starting in January!  I can't wait to unveil mine to the world and to see what the rest of the team has from their shops.

Who's in the spotlight this week?  Let's check in with our roaming reporter and find out!

Sunshine:   Our featured member in the spotlight this week:
                                                     Delecto Art formerly Reflections of Kayla

Here is the interview I conducted with Kayla:

1.  Where do you get your inspiration from when you draw?

Well, I love nature and sea life so I look to that for inspiration. I'm also getting into anime and steampunk art work.
 2.  What is your favorite item in your shop, and why?

That's a tough one I don't have a favorite honestly but it seems that my note card butterfly drawing and note card dove drawing are my best sellers!

Coming Next Week:  The rest of the interview

She has a contest for you.

CUstOm WoRd SeaRcH PuzzLe - Parrot - Vintage Book Page- Inspirational

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We brought you the Eco-Gift Sampler Bag, now we are bringing you more fun surprises! Select members of our market section will be offering a Gift-of-the-Month Club!
If you are a customer of our Sampler Bag program you will receive 10% off your first months club price. Just our way of showing our appreciation for you our valued customer's
These clubs will consist of do-it-yourself kits for your fun crafting projects. And, finished products that are useful in every home and things you just can't live without!
I'll announce here when we get our clubs page ready for your enrollment.
See you all at the Shop Hop and we hope you'll enter this week's contest! Don't forget we now have our Fun Tea Party themed sampler bag on sale on the home page of our website. Supplies are limited so get one while they last!


Back to you Ladybug!!!  Ladybug 

Has everyone remembered to send their diy project, your classified ad, and your buyer's club coupon to Joanna?  If you have any questions please ask Marsha or Joanna in class this week. (Tuesday @ 4:00 in the SFGCTeam Training Room)

Next week I will be reporting from up north.   I am so excited that I get to see the leaves change.
I hope there are still some leaves on the trees. Maybe I'll post a pic.  Have a great week everyone.


Tune In Next Week......Same Co-op Time!   Same Co-op Blog!


  1. I love the new name to Kayla's shop! I think it describes her and her art perfectly!

    She is working on new drawings! I can't wait to see what they will be!!!

  2. Love the new name too!!!
    Ty Marsha for your help

  3. You have to leave a comment here saying which things you did on our rules list to be entered in the contest!

  4. I just came from the treasuries lots of great gifts to choose from. I purchased something for myself from FORESTGREEN.
    I did 1 2 3 6

  5. I did 1 2 6
    The treasuries are looking great.

    Everyone have a good weekend,

  6. Our two entries are Carolyn and Cynthia! Get ready to see who the winner is of last weeks contest.

  7. Entries:

    Carolyn #1-#3
    Cynthia #4-#6

    True Random Number Generator Min:1 Max:6 Result: 5

    Our winner is Cynthia! Congrats!! Use the other option at checkout for the parrot note card print in Delecto Art's shop!