Monday, June 4, 2012

Class Reunion with Vintage 50s Treasures!

Class Reunion with Vintage 50s Treasures!

Snowflake: Hello Dear Readers,

Can you believe it is June, which means families will be planning vacations and graduation parties. Let's check in with our roaming reporter and get this week's scoop!

Sunshine: Congrats! to Class of 2012! I'm going to date myself and by sending out a hello to the class of 1981! Go Oviedo Lions! In honor of graduating classes past and present we are having a 'Class Reunion' week here at the Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op! WooHoo!

We are celebrating with Rafael of Vintage 50s Treasures! Rafael is one of the few men in this woman dominated co-op and Etsy team, but he loves every minute of it I assure you! hehe!

Here is what he had to say......

1. Where & When did you graduate high school? 

 I graduated in 1970 from Lausana High School in Bogota Columbia, South America.

2. When did you move to the U.S.? 

 December 1971

3. How did you meet your wife? 

I met my dear wife at a Bible convention in Daytona Bch, FL in 1987.

4. Tell our reader's why you support the Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op? 

 There are many reasons, first off because I want it to be a success. Everyone needs a little extra money, so I do my part in helping make the co-op a success. I know that Marsha devotes many hours to promote the co-op and I want to give her all the support I can.

5. Where can folks find you online? 

 In the Sunshine Market on the co-op website where you will find my Etsy shop.

6. What fun thing do you have for our reader's? 

 I have a fun give-a-way contest for them. 
 Here are the rules:

1. Favorite my shop on Etsy
2. Favorite the Craft Show Treasury on Etsy
3. Follow this blog
4. Come back here and post that you did all 3
5. Tell us your class year

Bonus for 5 extra entries:

6. Make a purchase in our Class Reunion Craft Show

There you have it dear reader's. I hope you will enter our fun contest from Vintage 50s Treasures. Here is what two of you can win!

1 st Prize: Vintage Tupperware Drink Set- 4 Jewel Tumblers and 2 Quart Pitcher

Tupperware Cups 10 Ounce - Vintage - New

Bonus Prize: Fabric Pin made with vintage fabric!

Fabric Flower Pin  -Green and Floral Earth Tones - Party Favor  -  Embellishment

Tune in next week to find out who will be our featured spotlight member!

Same Co-op Time!!! Same Co-op Blog!!!


  1. Love this theme! I am the class of 1981!

    This is a fun contest and easy to do! Who wants to enter and win!!!

  2. I faved your shop.
    I faved the treasury.
    I'm following the blog and posting.
    Graduated 1980
    And I couldn't resist I made a purchase from your shop.

    CJW Design Village

  3. The tupperware set is looking good to me. I will tell you a secret I almost bought it last week.

    CJW Design Village

  4. Everyone check out the treasury there is some great items to purchase.

    Hope it is ok to post the link.

    CJW Design Village

  5. Last post I promise but has gotten me excited. I would want this much support if I were on the blog. Thanks Rafael for your shop and being a part of the SFGC Co-op!

    Comments anyone,
    CJW Design Village

  6. How exciting to see so much for support to our dear Rafael. He really deserves it for all he does to help me! Thanks Cindy for you super duper show of support!!!

  7. I made a purchase at our Class Reunion Party.
    Hand Stamped Envelopes with Brown Butterfly Set of 10 - 5.5 x 3.5
    Item# 78210157

  8. Love this post!! Stopped by and fav'd for the team!
    Off to promote next. :-D

  9. WaHOoo!! Did all three, :-D class of 77!

  10. I think I did all three, not sure about #2 if I did it right. Class of 1978

  11. Hi,

    Great blog entry!

    I faved the treasury, your shop, I follow the blog and I'm the class of 1979!!

    Great contest!

    Have a great day - love your shop.

  12. Rafael the blog is going great. I just posted on facebook. And purchased from the treasury.

  13. Following the blog. I am glad people are commenting.
    I enjoy my fabric pin. They are so much pretty in person.

    See ya,

  14. Here are the results from the Contest:

    Entries in this order of commenting.

    Cindy #1-6
    Joanna #7
    Kallie #8-13
    Della #14

    True Random Number Generator Min: Max: Result: 9

    So Kallie of Kallie's Cotton won our Tupperware

    The winner of the flower pin is:

    True Random Number Generator Min: Max: Result: 4

    Cindy of CJWdesignvillage

    Congrats! to our winners!!!

  15. I am enjoying getting used to blogging. Thanks Rafael for the prizes you are going to give away.

    Have a great weekend!