Monday, June 18, 2012

Celebrating Special Moments with Creative Designs by Della

Celebrating Special Moments with Creative Designs by Della

Snowflake: It is so good to be here with you this week to celebrate special moments with our featured spotlight shop: Creative Designs by Della.

Let's check in with our roaming reporter for more great fun.

Sunshine: Thank you Snowflake! I hope all of you dear reader's will enjoy what Della has for you this week. Another, fun contest for you to enter! Woot!

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Celebrating Special Moments
I just attended a wedding and many graduation parties over the past few weeks. It was so fun for me to see the different ways memories were presented and preserved for the future. There were slide shows, scrapbooks, guest books for guests to share their best wishes, DVD's of performances and programs. It really made each of the celebrations more special.
Here is what she had to say in our interview:

What is your business about?

I sell affordable craft supplies that are unique and convenient to use. I also make handmade scrapbooks, greeting cards and invitations and unique gifts.

When did you first start scrapbooking?

I made my first scrapbook about 12 years ago. Friends and family requested that I make scrapbooks to celebrate special occasions once they saw mine. I decided I liked preserving memories in scrapbooks enough to start a small home based business while my two boys were small. It has expanded over the past 5 years to include many paper crafting items. I also teach local scrapbook and card making classes. Many times the crafters who attended my classes wanted extra supplies to make multiples of what they had just learned to make. So, it seemed a natural expansion of my business to begin selling craft supplies.

How did you find out about the Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op?

I was invited by Marsha to join the team on Etsy. It seemed like a great way to network with other Etsy shop owners and help promote each other's businesses. I ordered an April sampler bag and was very impressed with the quality of items that were included. It was so fun to be able to sample actual products from various shops in a very affordable way. There is nothing quite like seeing and feeling these items "in person".

Where can folks find you online?

At the Sunshine Market shops that link to my Etsy shops at



Where do you live?

I'm married and live in Michigan with my husband and teenage son. My other son just graduated from University and lives away from home.

Blog Give Away:

Two items:

1st prize clipboard - attached photo

2nd prize twill tape and school brads -
Includes :
2 rolls of vintage tape (1 inch x 5.5 feet each) - alphabet and number.
6 metal enamel brads - pencil, school bus, yellow circle with star, A+, apple blue and yellow star


1. Follow my blog at

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Snowflake: There you have it folks, another great member to share with you. Be sure to tune in next week and find out who will be in the 'Spotlight'!

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  1. I did all 3 and will do the extra bonus one too!
    Thanks for a great give-a-way Della!

  2. Sunshine Farm Girls, I was excited to get an email that I won an Eco-sample box. I loved my April Eco-sampler. I was having a bad day and getting all these individually wrapped gifts was really special. My favorite was the MUG RUG that is really an adorable quilt square of purple and pansies. (my person favorites)
    I have the tissue holder from fabric creations in my purse and keep my Bible Study gear next to my bed in the draw string bag. There wasn't a single thing that was not used right away. I also was able to share the two gift cards with my Bible Study Buddies.
    Thanks so much.

  3. Favorited your shop as WoodstreamPapery

  4. Favorited the treasury as WoodstreamPapery.

  5. My favorite supply is the brads metal tag set of 30 in your supply shop - they're really adorable!

  6. Done 1-4
    #5 I like your clip board
    thanks kallie

  7. One of my favorite items in the treasury is the pages of ages framed book pages. What a great repurposed item saving book pages and making great home decor.

  8. Thanks to everyone for participating. I just got back from New York where we've been since Tuesday. It was so exciting to see some comments.

    My son performed with his school theater group in front of the Statue of Liberty. It was the first time my husband and I had been to see the Statue - very much fun.

  9. True Random Number Generator Min: Max: Result: 3

    Entries: #1 Marsha, #2 Nicole, #3 Kallie and #4 Cindy!

    The winner for the first prize is Kallie!!!! Congrats!

    1st prize clipboard - attached photo

  10. Our second prize goes to:

    True Random Number Generator Min: Max: Result: 1

    Entries: Marsha #1, Nicole, #2, Kallie #3, and Cindy #4

    Congrats the prize goes to Marsha #1
    2nd prize twill tape and school brads -
    Includes :
    2 rolls of vintage tape (1 inch x 5.5 feet each) - alphabet and number.
    6 metal enamel brads - pencil, school bus, yellow circle with star, A+, apple blue and yellow star