Friday, March 16, 2012

What to do this weekend? DIY Project!!!

Mom's Medicine Cabinet

Here is a great tip I came up with today for saving money on kleenex this flu and cold season. Instead of spending $10, $20 or $100's of dollars each year on those boxes of tissue made with all kinds of ingredients these days. Why not make your own.

Okay, you are wondering how on earth are you going to make your own snot rags as my Dad so affectionately called them. Take your old t-shirts and cut them into strips the size of 3x3 inches square. Don't get fussy just cut the strips and eye the 3 inch sections like I did here in this picture.

My dear hubby has about 100 t-shirts and he doesn't wear even 1/4 of them. He just uses the same ones over and over each week. I took the ones that were ugly and filled with holes and cut them up.

You can also go to your local thrift stores and garage sales and start buying them up at dirt cheap prices. I'd say start with about 20 t-shirts for each member of the family. Cause when you get one of those head colds where you are blowing your nose every 5 seconds you're gonna need that many. Ha-ha!

Now you have washable tissues. That's right don't throw them out, oh no! that would not be 'green' now would it? Get a bucket and fill it with pipping hot boiling water and put your used snot rags in the bucket and use 'green' bleach and soap and let it soak for an hour. Now they are ready to wash with your towels the next time.

Happy Friday!



  1. Great idea and Happy Friday to you. Happy St. Patrick's Day too!

  2. Wahoo! Great to see our reader's like this diy project as much as I do!!!

    Thanks Sharon for your comment!

  3. Welcome to our newest SFGCTEAM follower Honeybee! thanks for the encouragement about this post!!! hehe!!! With a little one I'm sure you can relate to me saying, 'snot rag' LOL.