Saturday, August 8, 2020

The Prettiest Ways To Decorate Your Junk Journal On A Budget

 We are all needing to save money these days more than ever before.  But how can you still give gifts for those special occasions without breaking the budget?  Make a junk journal with things you have around the house.  Or, with things you can buy at the dollar store.  Ask your friends for old magazines with pretty pictures on topics you want to make a junk journal around.

So just what is a junk journal you may be asking?  Well, here is the quick answer.  It's a journal you make yourself with whatever papers and fabrics you want in the colors and patterns you want and in the size you want.

You can glue the pages together to make a section.  Also known as a signature if you want to sound smart.

You can sew the pages together like I do if you don't want the mess of the glue and you don't want to wait for the drying process.  I'm a little impatient with my projects.  I want to get them made and gifted or start using them right away.

So, want to learn some ways to make that first or 100th junk journal a beaut?  Watch my YouTube video and I'll show you how I make the prettiest junk journals on a budget with items you already have on hand.


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  1. This is the prettiest way to decorate a junk journal that I've ever found. I hope you think so too.